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Just 4 letters, not a difficult word to learn…is it difficult to apply? Really how often do you stop, yes at a stop sign, yes at a red light, I hope you stop when a turtle is crossing the road … Continue reading

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Carless !

It is always a blatant reminder how dependent we have become on something when suddenly we can’t! We wake up late because during the night the electricity took a vacation without giving us proper notice. We realize the temperature in … Continue reading

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100th Post… Coming Up Short

Her head is bent over the sink , soapy water laps at her hands and those she has taught and hand-held and laughed with and cried with and now are piercing the air with shrieks and cutting words. She sees … Continue reading

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From Here To Romania…

What is the most daring, unexpected, your friends and family think your nuts, thing you have ever done? For me, I would have to say moving to Romania. Imagine waking up one day in a foreign land where you can’t … Continue reading

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Movies That Move You…

My all time favorite movie to date is “Facing the Giants“! This movie takes me through a range of emotions, most of all it inspires my faith and causes me to think differently about my (so-called) ordinary day-to-day life. I … Continue reading

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Religion = Humanism ?

I am going to share something here that has deeply impacted me…. I can not say how it will impact you because many of you will not watch it and even those that choose to watch may only watch with … Continue reading

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Valentines Day… Have a Heart

I personally believe valentines day is nothing more than a consumer driven society’s infatuation to market an idea in order to produce profits. I know that comes across as a crabby cynical point of view. I suppose it is, however … Continue reading

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