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Have you ever lived outside the country you were born in?

I have and Now, I think everyone should! Many friends I know have traveled extensively around the world and I am truly happy for them. Deciding to go on a vacation to some far away destination seems a wonderful diversion … Continue reading

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When I Grow Up…

  Man, boy, son, brother, friend, student, paperboy, boy scout, dishwasher, maintenance man, carpenter etc. I am approaching 50 and still haven’t figured out what I want to be when I grow up… now I have reverted to saying if  I grow up. … Continue reading

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Family(Reunion) Matters

It’s Sunday night and I am finally home, it’s been a long day and I am dog tired…not sure if that’s different from cat tired or human tired….If I could stop scratching behind the ears long enough I would go look … Continue reading

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“Sun so Hot I Froze to Death” ….Top Ten

Hot, Hot, Hot How Hot is it? 10) The devil went on holiday! 9) It took 4 people to get my clothes off! 8) The Dogs have asked for fans at the fire hydrants! 7) Birds are flying south for … Continue reading

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“Might as Well Face it I’m Addicted to _ _ _ _”

How do you know when your addicted?My family has made it known to me that I have a problem, actually most people I know have begun to hint in subtle ways that perhaps I may need some professional intervention. I … Continue reading

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Poll results (Your Life, or a Bacon Cheeseburger)plus a whole lot more!

Well the results so far are as follows: People who will eat the cheeseburger no matter what = 0% People who want both the cheeseburger and optimum health = 14% People who would rather have optimum health, even if it … Continue reading

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“They Say It’s Your Birthday”

  So it’s my Birthday!  Why is it that once a year, every year of my life, I am compelled to face the fact that yet another year has passed and I still don’t look like Tom Cruise!   Birthdays … Continue reading

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