The Broken Path

It was everday perfect, and then it wasn’t.
We heard their piece, and suddenly, just like that,
It was stolen from us, our smiles, our joys,
Our innocence, our peace.

This is not your fault, uttered at adolescent ears,
We will be fine you’ll see,
And little personalities were changed for eternity.
Once with parents, instead of you’ll still see me.

Pull up the boot straps, don’t show the pain.
Saturday’s coming, be part of the game.
Though my heart may be burning,
Don’t let on, too others, and expose the shame.

It’s not so bad now, not nearly so different,
So, since it’s so common, and the grieving is done,
Since we all have forgiven, picked up and moved on,
Nothing left to hide, since it seems with these numbers,
It’s now normal, to be broken inside.

The years they pass, cliched time heals all things,
As twilight approaches, my days of carrying wounds,
And memories, and hope that redeems.
Perhaps there’s some purpose, some gift, some irony,
That the adolescent ears, entrusted to me,
Through the broken path, finally set free.


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