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Martin – Zimmerman Armchair Justice?

  I would imagine at this point most everyone has heard about this case in Florida and the “Stand your Ground Law”.  Not only have we heard about it, but as is the case so many times with these kinds … Continue reading

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  What is your Purpose? If we look around creation it isn’t hard to see and define purpose, from trees and vegetation to animals and insects, everywhere we look there are examples of purpose.   Intelligent design,  or all by … Continue reading

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Calling All Aspiring Writers

 About 6 months ago I talked to a couple of bloggers about an idea, a blog experiment if you will, that I was considering. I had one very enthusiastic yes that sounds like a great idea, and a hmmm, that … Continue reading

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Affirming Afirmations

 Look in the mirror and repeat after me: “You are a nice person, You will have a good day today, You are a brilliant and capable person and dog gone it people like you!”   Yea it doesn’t work for … Continue reading

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You Had Me At Versatile!

Periodically, things happen that catch you by surprise, even though you know it could happen and maybe even has happened in the past,  still you find yourself surprised. Such is the case here. For those who read and don’t write, … Continue reading

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The Initiator

I have been taking a lot of time to examine my life and various aspects of it. There has been a lot of difficult things that have come to the surface and a lot of things I hadn’t given much … Continue reading

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