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Got Milk? Does Milk Really do a Body Good?

Got Milk! Got Money! Got a life! I have to be honest hearing the word “Got” creeps me out a bit. If you are from my generation or older I am sure you can hear your grandmother saying there aint … Continue reading

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Twinkies, may lead to longer life!

The latest polls out have some amazing findings, Drinking red wine while consuming eggs over easy may lead to an increased risk of higher dry cleaning bills. Vigorous stair climbing while using your cell phone increases the likelihood of a … Continue reading

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Man in the mirror (not for the faint of heart)

I looked in the mirror the other day, at first it was just a cursory glance. That’s all it typically is, you know what I mean, is my hair in place, has the remnants of this mornings breakfast left a … Continue reading

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Don’t you dare read this!

What are you doing? Are you one who disregards instructions, or perhaps the rebel in you just bristles at any authority? This is amazing I told you not to read this and yet that is exactly what you are doing … Continue reading

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What’s in a Word?

Hi, Hello, Buenos Dias, Buna Ziuia, Bonjour, This is the beginning, well not really the beginning that was a long time ago. I am not a writer, at least not in the traditional sense. I do love to communicate and … Continue reading

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