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Reality Slap with a 2×4!

Hi all, it’s vacation week for me, well rather staycation. I will admit I have been battling the “woe is me” monster quite a bit this week and I really hate feeling that way! It only takes a moment of … Continue reading

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“The Day After?

Irene has come and gone,  the number of people  you ask about the day after the storm will be the same number of opinions you will get on the effects of the storm. Personally Irene is no friend of mine, for many … Continue reading

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The Eve of Destruction!

Warning, impending doom is approaching! Stock up on essentials, make plans now to prepare yourself, your family and your home….Irene is on the way! Board up the windows, be sure you have a lifetime supply of flashlights and batteries, Milk and … Continue reading

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Do You Know?

I would like to know, would you like to know? Certainly someone must know, at least I have always been told that someone knows it’s just never been me …well I can say that now , but it wasn’t so … Continue reading

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Perseverance = Stubborness + Love

I admire those I have been fortunate to meet who have this gift of perseverance.  This gift is not placed in us indiscriminately or at least I haven’t observed it that way.  Perhaps perseverance is a by-product of something else now … Continue reading

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Question, is anyone here able to say they have never cast a judgment on anyone including themselves?…….. I thought not. There came a moment in my life, probably much later than most when the realization came to me that what … Continue reading

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The Apple of My Eye!

Today I thought I would start what will be a series posted sporadically of course, on fruit, both the ones we eat and it’s corresponding life applications, at least that’s the way I’m telling it! Might as well start at the beginning … Continue reading

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