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A short disclaimer first: I have yet to self-publish a book series, so you just read this post and take what you think would work. Ah, one more thing: there’s no recipe, no secret marketing…

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A Disturbing Observation

Hi all, I am sharing this both as an FYI and/or an expose. Driving today, I ended up behind a woman driving an SUV displaying 3 signs on the back of her vehicle: 1. “Moms Rock” 2. Masshole 3 “Yes … Continue reading

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Is God a Feminist?

So, you are probably reading this because of my choice of such a provocative title, good, (we the bloggers are always trying to (hook) you into reading). However if you habitually use these kinds of titles without something substantive to … Continue reading

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The Storm of which Century!

Baton the hatches and bring in the children, a storm is brewing and unless you have 13 loaves of bread and a half a cow of milk you may perish before the night is over. If you haven’t already filled … Continue reading

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The Familiar Jesus

( The use of the lowercase j in the word Jesus is intentional. No disrespect is intended,  it is for illustrative purposes only) I was challenged yesterday to look at my spiritual life with a critical eye to ascertain whether … Continue reading

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That’s the Night the Lights went Out in… Er Louisiana?

In light of the recent snafu at the Super Bowl, or lack thereof, I had to say something. I tuned in to the game at about 16 minutes into the outage and   tuned out 30 minutes later. From what … Continue reading

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