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The Crisis of Faith at The Crossroad of Belief, Part 2

Hello again, and yes I have decided this topic is worthy of more space here. My Pastor returning after a sabbatical yesterday preached a message of transformation… maybe even radical transformation. The funny, or not so funny part of this … Continue reading

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The Crisis of Faith at the Crossroad of Belief.

I was thinking…. Yes, I know, it caught me by surprise too.  Anyway, <—-that is an awful word to start a sentence with, but really I was thinking that there are so many clues to what we really believe and … Continue reading

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Presidents, Black Holes and Leopard Skins…

Hi All !,So you are probably wondering if I have dropped off the face of the earth. or that I had been abducted by aliens, or perhaps that I had been sent undercover to Nairobi to investigate new uses for … Continue reading

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So… You Want to Be a Blogger !?

When I first started thinking about blogging, I was considering a variety of factors. 1. I like to write. this I found was a faulty premise, what I should have said was I like to be read. Perhaps there are … Continue reading

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If you tend to get your panties in a wad easily, please do not read this.

This is from a blog I have recently found that says what I often feel, but struggle to put into words! Her blog is called “A Beautiful Mess”. If you tend to get your panties in a wad easily, please … Continue reading

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The Tale of Hewlett Packard and The Little Red Lotus

  Perhaps there is a little mischief in all of us…not that there would have to be but the visual of me sitting in my car watching someone Else’s conundrum and giggling gleefully at minimum places me in concert with … Continue reading

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The Cab Ride

  I don’t often do this but this story caught my attention as I explore the possibility of starting a Non Medical Transportation Company and I have been thinking about mission and vision statements. I hope you enjoy and comment. … Continue reading

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