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A Childhood Moment…

I woke to the sound of birds outside the window. A warm gentle breeze blew through the screen and carried the scents of fresh-cut grass and tulips into my room.  I rushed to get dressed and head outside. I had … Continue reading

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How did we get here?

Once upon a time…they lived happily ever after.  This world we live in/on is incredible and complex, in fact the amount of things that have to go just right to support life boggles the cranial muscles. I find it ironic … Continue reading

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Hello Again, Waldo

Hello friends, It has been a while and my reference to “Where’s Waldo” above is my attempt to humor the fact that I haven’t been around much. A brief summary of my life since August: 2 Kidney surgeries. Issues with … Continue reading

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Turkey Day Confessions

I have a shocking admittance to make… in light of the recent holiday, well frankly, I am having a hard time stirring up the feelings of thankfulness. It isn’t really that I am not thankful, actually I have a lot … Continue reading

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I must be caught in the Crisis Wheel…

I realize most of you who read this had probably come to the conclusion that I was extinct. Family emergencies and my step father passing away has left me re-positioning my priorities. I have much to write but not the … Continue reading

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Today I Remember 10,950 Yesterday’s

I took the rare opportunity to surprise my better half today. Thirty years ago today we went on our first date and my shameless attempts to prove if she would put up with me for the rest of her life, … Continue reading

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A 4 Letter Word for Men Who Leave, and Other Misc. Thoughts Too…

Hello, and yes I’ve been a stranger. Kidney surgery over the last couple of weeks has really left me feeling less than ambitious in general and dis-engaged in particular. I haven’t even felt like reading much which is rather unusual … Continue reading

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