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Where have I been?

Hi say I, somewhat sheepishly. They say there are seasons in our lives …not really sure who “they” are, but, I guess I can agree that we go through various periods of time where what is happening or what we … Continue reading

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50… It’s just a Number

Hello friends, I thought I would take a few minutes to share my reflections on this past week and the hallmark moment of ending five decades here on planet earth. Sunday, My wife surprised me with a 50th Birthday Party … Continue reading

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Taking Health for Granted, Not just an Age Thing!

I turn 50 next month, I wish I could say I don’t feel it, but that would be a lie. I guess it is natural to take our health for granted when we are not sick or limited in some … Continue reading

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View from the Hospital Bed…

Greetings and although its been a while, I am not dead, (My apologies to any protagonists out there who wished otherwise), I am however writing this from my hospital bed, of which I have been in for several days now … Continue reading

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365 Ways to Make it Through a Year!

Day 1 obtain a traumatic head injury that puts you in a coma for twelve months. Day 366: Wake up. If you feel up to it visit Staples and push the “That was easy” button. Actually,  if you have made … Continue reading

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Hello, New Day, New Year, Same Promise

So… we say good-bye to the confidence we had when writing out the date, (not that we hand write much of anything anymore). Another Presidential election year has left it’s imprint on history, and everyone you meet is wishing you … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

Thank you… I hear it less and less these days and at times when I do hear it the sincerity with which it’s given is more perfunctory than meaningful. Being thankful is an attitude of the heart, yet even if … Continue reading

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