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A Childhood Moment…

I woke to the sound of birds outside the window. A warm gentle breeze blew through the screen and carried the scents of fresh-cut grass and tulips into my room.  I rushed to get dressed and head outside. I had … Continue reading

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Funny on Friday… or Not

Humor, it takes on so many variations depending on style, timing, intent, audience and personality. I love to be funny but I find it much more difficult to write funny. Often, when I respond to someone else I will try … Continue reading

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The World Stopped….or My Altered Reality!

Amidst the political shark-fest, the impending doom of rising seas, the barrage of the nightly news cast of everything not right in the world, and naming the tropical waves coming off the coast of Africa, I stopped for a few … Continue reading

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Through the eyes of Maddox

First let’s establish that I am a dog… more specifically I am a “Brussels Griffon”  male, (well more on that later) 12 pound, wiry haired, 1-year-old, 4 legger. Ya, go ahead and laugh at me here wearing the “Cone of … Continue reading

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Express Yourself at WordExpress

Dear Readership, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to a new online magazine. A place where multiple dissenting views are welcomed, in a civil and intelligent community. I have met Donald Miller virtually and have found his … Continue reading

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Do You Know?

I would like to know, would you like to know? Certainly someone must know, at least I have always been told that someone knows it’s just never been me …well I can say that now , but it wasn’t so … Continue reading

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Making an Indecision?

I am driving down the highway in the middle of a snowstorm, thankfully traffic is light. The tree’s along the side of the road are beginning to take on splotches of white as if a giant marshmallow had exploded and … Continue reading

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