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Lottery…In it to Win it?!

The fever is on again, tonight PowerBall has an estimated Jackpot in excess of Six Hundred Million dollars. Media pundits love to pose hypothetical leading questions whenever we have a really large jackpot.  “Sir this is Free Ride from channel … Continue reading

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View from the Hospital Bed…

Greetings and although its been a while, I am not dead, (My apologies to any protagonists out there who wished otherwise), I am however writing this from my hospital bed, of which I have been in for several days now … Continue reading

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Running, Tripping and Falling on Dunkins

5 am: eyes still closed but the rest of me is moving, 2 facts are now apparent,  A) toes are for finding furniture in the dark  B) the sun is near the horizon twice a day. 5:15 am: bandaged toes … Continue reading

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Life… Missed in the Waiting.

At two years old, the idea of waiting for anything is about as alien a concept as drinking hot coffee through a straw. I think we never grow out of it, we learn to be mature about our waiting, but … Continue reading

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Shout out to the winners of “Help me do my Homework” !

Let it never be said that I am not a man of my word, I did say I would give Kudos to those who gave me feedback, soooo To my friend Cheryl, Thank you for braving the elements and constructively … Continue reading

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