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I Shall Not Want…

Recently I have been reading through the Psalms, I have also started to pull apart pieces I am committing to memory to look at what not only the writer was intimating but also what am I in turn looking to … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

Thank you… I hear it less and less these days and at times when I do hear it the sincerity with which it’s given is more perfunctory than meaningful. Being thankful is an attitude of the heart, yet even if … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Future.Flying.Saucers:
Grandma and Papa in 2004. My father-in-law has a clogged artery in his neck which has caused vascular dementia. In September 2009, he had digressed enough to be placed in a hospital bed permanently.…

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Originally posted on It is the bird with broken wings that Soars…:
I asked our congregation one Sunday morning, that If they had just made a grand entrance onto a scene and a multitude of people were waiting to hear…

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Aging Parents, Aging Me…

Thanksgiving is approaching, how is this possible is all I can say? Isn’t it funny that when looking ahead time seems to stand still and yet when we look back we say where did it go, all the while time … Continue reading

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The Crisis of Faith at the Crossroad of Belief, Part 3

A mindful look at what it looks like to live out faith causes me to pause. At moments it is seemingly easy to postulate that I Love my God, at other times some invocation or reminder is necessary to stir … Continue reading

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Today! The aftermath of Sandy provides a tremendous opportunity…

Today, I turned on the faucet and water came out, with some adjustment it was exactly the temperature I wanted. Today I turned on the lights, they filled the room with light and drove out all the darkness. Today I … Continue reading

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