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Recipe For Disaster!

I will keep this short and to the point, (oh if only that were possible 🙂 . When is the last time you were in the market or even at home and decided to look at the ingredients on something … Continue reading

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Do People REALLY Change?

At first thought, you might be tempted to say yes, however, I am not referring to things such as overcoming an addiction, developing a healthy lifestyle or trying a new gourmet dish. This is a foray into the deeper levels … Continue reading

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Just Rambling

I have to admit there are times when I really struggle to write here. Not that I can’t think of things to write…I can, it has more to do with the emotions I have behind the words. I really prefer … Continue reading

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” Suffer the children that come unto me, and forbid them not! For such is the kingdom of heaven.” Remember the pure joy of waking up on a Saturday morning with nothing but the thought of play as far as … Continue reading

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Seeing with my Eyes Wide Shut

As they walked along the road they came to a man who had been blind since birth. Jesus spit into his hand and mixed it with some dirt from the ground and anointed the mans eyes with the mixture. Then … Continue reading

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Twenty Twelve or Observational Malfunction?

I was wondering about something, not particularly significant but it did pique my curiosity recently, well at least enough to want to bring it up here and ask others for feedback. This may be just an observational malfunction on my … Continue reading

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How do you live your life?

I have been considering over the past couple of weeks, my life. I have heard it said, “a life isn’t measured by the birthdays you celebrate but the life lived between those birthdays”. My pondering comes from the realization that … Continue reading

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