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What do they call this again?

Hi… my name is John, but I used to be known around here as JT.  Why is it that people say; “Life can sure be funny sometimes”, or “How are you today?” or Have a nice day! ? It sure … Continue reading

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A Childhood Moment…

I woke to the sound of birds outside the window. A warm gentle breeze blew through the screen and carried the scents of fresh-cut grass and tulips into my room.  I rushed to get dressed and head outside. I had … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dad

My father would have turned 75 today. I have mentioned in this blog how he had passed away on my birthday in 2005. As much as I understand it is merely coincidental, I can’t help feeling somewhat awkward on my … Continue reading

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Philosophizing Life… What Else Can’t Pass Through the Eye of A Needle

Isn’t life funny? No, not in the sense of I can’t stop laughing and yes I guess irony is what everyone likes to use particularly when trying to be interesting. Life is… undefinable, really. Oh, we have defining moments or … Continue reading

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Reflections in the Kitchen Sink

    Something rather unusual happened to me this morning. I went to the kitchen sink to wet a sponge and had turned the water on, but, before I disrupted the flow of water with the sponge, (I don’t know … Continue reading

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50… It’s just a Number

Hello friends, I thought I would take a few minutes to share my reflections on this past week and the hallmark moment of ending five decades here on planet earth. Sunday, My wife surprised me with a 50th Birthday Party … Continue reading

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Reflections on When Parents Become Parent…40 Years After the Divorce

    “Boys,  come sit down here”, my mother said with a tone that immediately quieted us. Robby and I at ten and eight respectively were poster children for all that adolescent boyhood could do to an unsuspecting parent. As … Continue reading

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