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Reflections on When Parents Become Parent…40 Years After the Divorce

    “Boys,  come sit down here”, my mother said with a tone that immediately quieted us. Robby and I at ten and eight respectively were poster children for all that adolescent boyhood could do to an unsuspecting parent. As … Continue reading

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The Call Back to Romania

Today I am convinced, that we are being called back to Romania. As I reflect on the last few months the evidence of that call is becoming more clear. For some who may read this, the comment above may bring … Continue reading

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A Plea to WordPress and other Miscellaneous Drivel.

 We here at the helm of writing blogs often are wordie people. Meaning words are important to our craft and we like to use them effectively and I might add in proper context. I admit at times I can get sloppy, … Continue reading

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No Officer, I Wasn’t Laughing at You!

This post is a somewhat personal and to some extent still, if not mystical, at least undefined experience, I had several years ago. I have shared this with a couple of people and frankly I am not really sure I … Continue reading

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2 Years and1000 Comments

Tada! A big Brass band is playing (albeit, only in my head) and the celebration has begun. Hurry, jump on board before you miss any more of the fanfare. The calendar has just reached the two year mark since I … Continue reading

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Taking Health for Granted, Not just an Age Thing!

I turn 50 next month, I wish I could say I don’t feel it, but that would be a lie. I guess it is natural to take our health for granted when we are not sick or limited in some … Continue reading

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Maybe, “Non-Competitive RoadRaces” Aren’t Oxymoronic…

Here it is two-thirty am Sunday morning and I am not sure if it is all the “Writer’s Quote’s” I have read lately that say, and I’m paraphrasing here, “don’t wait to write when inspiration fires you up to write, … Continue reading

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