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I Used to Call Myself a Christian….

Hi … I know its been a while, frankly I am not certain how much longer I will maintain this blog. The truth is  I am not really certain of much of anything anymore. I have not been in a … Continue reading

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Signs… of Our Times.

Signs, they are everywhere. Some tell us what to do, or where to go, or what not to do or not to go.  Helpful at times and confusing occasionally, one thing is certain we take signs for granted most of … Continue reading

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Philosophizing Life… What Else Can’t Pass Through the Eye of A Needle

Isn’t life funny? No, not in the sense of I can’t stop laughing and yes I guess irony is what everyone likes to use particularly when trying to be interesting. Life is… undefinable, really. Oh, we have defining moments or … Continue reading

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Self Protected Christianity

When life throws punches and it seems everything is raining down at once it is easy to feel overwhelmed. My pastor recently said in a sermon that the church today has preached an easy believing message that essentially paints the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Why Our Children Leave the Church.

This is an insightful article on why some children stay in the church and some do not. My own experiences have shed some light on this subject as well. I was not brought up in the church and my “conversion … Continue reading

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Shannon’s Journey, Honoring One Who has Moved in with Angels.

It is just a memory now, the squealing tires, the shattering glass and the smell of antifreeze. I remember Tom holding my hand and my head while at the same time seeing the light, bright and beautiful beckoning to me, … Continue reading

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The Call Back to Romania

Today I am convinced, that we are being called back to Romania. As I reflect on the last few months the evidence of that call is becoming more clear. For some who may read this, the comment above may bring … Continue reading

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