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The Call Back to Romania

Today I am convinced, that we are being called back to Romania. As I reflect on the last few months the evidence of that call is becoming more clear. For some who may read this, the comment above may bring … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Terror…

Does everything have a reason? In light of the recent horror perpetrated in Boston, many close to the scene are still reeling from the shock. Somehow distance seems to provide a certain paradigm with which we view things, tragic things … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon Tragedy

It is with sadness that I watch as, what appears to be another terrorist attack spreads injury, death and fear into the hearts of the people here in Boston and indeed touching people all over the world. The death toll … Continue reading

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Pardon Me, Have You Seen My Car?

Another Monday has arrived without a proper invitation, I don’t know about you but I really don’t like unexpected guests. Regardless of how many times I told the clock to shut-up it continued on, its persistent buzz¬†goading me into launching … Continue reading

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The Eve of Destruction!

Warning, impending doom is approaching! Stock up on essentials, make plans now to prepare yourself, your family¬†and your home….Irene is on the way! Board up the windows, be sure you have a lifetime supply of flashlights and batteries, Milk and … Continue reading

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