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What Month is IT?

 I woke up this morning to ice laden screens and a hint of white coating the grass, trees and essentially most objects apart from the streets and sidewalks. I have been seeing Christmas decorations and assorted paraphernalia for nearly a … Continue reading

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Regular posts will now be interupted

Hi All,  some personal things to contend with and My anniversary and vacation next week means my posts will be sporadic or non-existent over the next two weeks, I will be lurking around though… so behave 🙂 JT

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Watts in a Word ?

 Please be patient with me as I explore the words we use and at times use incorrectly, myself included. For example: for, four, fore – way, weigh, whey – two, to, too – here, hear – there, their – your, you’re – right, … Continue reading

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Occupied…Not Occupation

It seems there is a lot of eyes and ears tuned to the occupy Wall Street protests these days, and while I’m a champion of our rights and so appreciate them (including our right to protest) this current protest causes me … Continue reading

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Ode to The Blogger

Here I am at the keys once again Looking to connect with countless others Wanting the affirmations and the haiku’s Yet never sure if it’s good, bad, or useless fodder __________________________ Every nuance, every situation Every reaction, and reflection turned … Continue reading

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My Top 10 Things to do Before I Die!

 Well, if you have been following this blog you have probably figured out at this point, that I decided to commit this week to “Top Ten’s. So without further ado I present My Friday foray. 10. Breathe. 9.  To prove once … Continue reading

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Top 10 Things You Should Never Ask Your Spouse!

10. Do you mind if my Mom comes to stay for a week at Christmas? 9. Should I clean up these dishes or do you want to do it? 8. Is today our anniversary? 7. Hun, would you fetch me … Continue reading

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