Watts in a Word ?

 Please be patient with me as I explore the words we use and at times use incorrectly, myself included.

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For example: for, four, fore – way, weigh, whey – two, to, too – here, hear – there, their – your, you’re – right, write – weather, whether

To name just a few. This is not a crisis of biblical proportions, it is more a self-deprecating look at the weigh we use words. As a wannabe (read, want to be) writer I pay more attention to these things now.  I have often thought of writing as an outlet for thoughts and ideas and less about grammatical inconsistencies, however as time goes on I realize that in order to express myself and my ideas the words I use matter and change the message, or at least, they change the way the message is perceived. 

 I would not classify myself as a “word jerk”  as the inconsistencies out there often allow for some humorous outcomes. I decided to play with some of my own ideas here.

  Yesterday, I went fore a walk in the park, and there were some bares running around. This was quite disturbing and eye found myself looking four refuge. Suddenly one of the furry beasts gave me the I,  shivers ran up my spine as eye thought, watt might become of me. Thankfully a jogger came buy and the bare decided she looked moor appetizing than me. Eye had been so frightened, eye nearly pead my pants and my heart was pounding, uncertain weather eye wood bee lunch oar knot.

  It’s Friday, have fun with your weekend and with words.  At the end of the day, hopefully we connected and had fun doing it, even though I struggle, I am counting on you to help me, one day, write right!


P.S.  I had a ball with spell check after writing this 🙂


About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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11 Responses to Watts in a Word ?

  1. Paul Miller says:

    I get their posts everyday in the mail and it makes me feel like I’m improving. I often feel like I’ve worked hard to say something I consider important, and just blown it by overlooking bad grammar or spelling. I’m truly thankful that Firefox has auto underline for spelling, my FB posts were looking embarrassing.

  2. Mary says:

    Ummm…it’s “look at the WAY we use words”. Not “the WEIGH we use words”. 🙂 he he he

  3. Robin says:

    Add to the list accept and except and lose and loose.
    I love the weigh you right. 😉

  4. jennygoth says:

    id be here all day if i had to correct everything i write or right lol as long as someone takes the time to read then i am happy hope your weekends been good or is than bin good lol xxjen

    • JT says:

      Thanks Jenny, Hope your weekend has bin good as well, and yes I agree having someone reading you is far more satisfying than worrying about grammar 🙂

  5. And punctuation has a weigh of changing oar words two. Take for example…”Let’s eat Grandma!” as opposed to “Let’s eat, Grandma!” Eye have always loved that one! Cute post!

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