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Know Time, No Time

 It’s Friday for some it’s just another day, Thursday has passed and Saturday will continue a routine uninterrupted by days or dates. Others sigh out a gasp of hallelujah I made it to the weekend, shutting out the workaday world which ends at … Continue reading

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“The Versatile Blogger Award” or Not Expecting the Unexpected

  No I’m not pregnant, and if I were I can honestly say that would bring new meaning to the word unexpected. The last few weeks though have helped me empathize with a woman late in her third trimester of pregnancy … Continue reading

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Helpless…But not Hopeless!

Have you ever had one of those experiences where someone or a group of someone’s you know, is a about to make a really bad decision? You have tried desperately to find some way to let them know why it’s … Continue reading

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My Father’s Heart, Your Father’s Heart

I see her there, fingers so small and delicate, a baby doll would be easier to hold. Her little eye lashes create a microscopic whisper unheard by human ears. Soft, pink skin, almost too big for her peeks out from … Continue reading

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Pardon Me, Have You Seen My Car?

Another Monday has arrived without a proper invitation, I don’t know about you but I really don’t like unexpected guests. Regardless of how many times I told the clock to shut-up it continued on, its persistent buzz goading me into launching … Continue reading

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Future Lip Sync Queen

  This is an inside tip on a future American Lip Sync Star, I thought I would give everyone an opportunity to have the inside track on this rising star! Believe it or not I am related to this rising … Continue reading

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Between a Rock and a Keyhole!

 I work for a Human services organization, It is one of the most rewarding and challenging positions I have ever held. On top of that I am a middle manager who essentially tries to mediate between the pressure coming from … Continue reading

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