So… You Want to Be a Blogger !?

When I first started thinking about blogging, I was considering a variety of factors.

Blog Machine

Blog Machine (Photo credit: digitalrob70)

1. I like to write. this I found was a faulty premise, what I should have said was I like to be read. Perhaps there are people out there who just enjoy writing, maybe to deposit stress on to a page, or put ideas out into a concrete form to work with, or even perhaps because the act of writing in and of itself has some therapeutic benefit.

Me, I like to have people read what I have written, to hear their thoughts on a subject whether in affirmation of my own or to counter my methods or viewpoint, still if what I have written isn’t being read than I lack the satisfaction of writing it in the first place.

2. This is a good place for me to practice my writing skills… or lack thereof. Being in the blogosphere, (we tend to make up words here), there are hundreds of thousands of other writers, good writers, many even exceptional writers. That being said, it is difficult not to start comparing yourself to others. This is a really great way to practice humility, as far as practicing writing skills, there is a fine line between using your writing voice, whilst not changing your style to accommodate the style of someone else.

3. Maybe I will become famous and can make my living while changing the social dynamics of the world. Alright I didn’t really think this but I did think “would it be possible to make some money doing this? While some bloggers do make money and still fewer make a living, the reality is it takes a lot of work and usually a focused idea and – you the blogger – being an expert in some particular area.

Now… I write because I have found some really neat people on here that encourage me and make me think and laugh and learn, and I have found that other people come here for the same reasons I do, and sometimes they think and laugh and learn from me.



About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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16 Responses to So… You Want to Be a Blogger !?

  1. JT – Great Post and it is about the connection and sharing among your blog peers (i.e. friendship, support, cheerleading, etc.)! Have a Great One!

  2. I blog to get Freshly Pressed yet somehow the laundry still piles up. 🙂

    You definitely make me think, laugh, and learn.

  3. So you think you want to be a blogger? Well, you have caused me to ask myself, just what is a blogger, anyway? I mean, really, what makes a certain catagory of people want to be a blogger? What is our “type”, our “make up”? Our brain waves?
    I’m one of those who will write whether anyone reads, or not. But if there are no readers then I might as well just keep writing in my personal journal. So I partly blog just to see if what I write is interesting to anyone else? Will people actually be drawn to the things I “like” to write about, because most bloggers, of course, write about a passion, a love, a favorite subject, something of which they feel they know enough about to offer insight. You won’t find me writing about being a mechanic. I love my 1990 Dodge Ram, but I hate working on it! I just want to enjoy it.
    Are bloggers teachers? Are they wanna be writers? They love to write about life, passions, and subjects of interest, which in my case is mostly “spiritual”. Although…I am about to start writing about a dog named “Mopar”. I don’t have the dog (mutt) yet, but my truck is going to be his doghouse and he is going to go with me “alot”! So I am currently in search of a mutt named Mopar. He has to be small to medium size, and a mutt because I’m cheap and don’t need a purebreed for my purposes of companionship. I hope to start with a pup and write occasional articles about our adventures. It will be fun, but I wonder if anyone will read? Now here we are back to our original quandery. Has anyone heard anything from Donald Miller by the way?

    • JT says:

      Hi Don, Yes Mr. Miller is still around, I have seen Him comment regularly on “Woman in Thrisis” and have followed his trail back to a sight where his still has a lot of learning resources.

      I am still writing even though I don’t think many are reading… in our Hyper information world it is very difficult to grab someone’s attention and if we do it usually isn’t for very long. That is OK there are a few faithful followers and I periodically look at new blogs but don’t subscibe to many because there really isn’t the time to read all that there is offered anyway. Hope you are well my friend and good luck finding your mutt 🙂 I am sure that there is one out there that would love to cruise around with you in your “Dodge” 🙂

      • justacowboyforchrist says:

        Thanks, JT. And you’re right, there is too much out there to read. I really wish I could read more, but time simply does not allow.

    • Don says:

      It does seem like no one’s heard of him. At least to Donald Miller, it does. 😉
      I left a couple of messages on you blog — that I guess you didn’t get. I’ve been feeling kind of bad about losing a friend. I like the way you chat. (Don’t get anything out of the sermons, sorry to say. But you are a likable guy, who has interesting ideas.)

      Hey, JT. I like you too, BTW.

      • JT says:

        Hello there my friend, nice to see your mysterious Gravatar 🙂 I like you too Don …. I can’t keep up with you intellectually but I like that you are willing to hear numerous views and willing to accept and find common ground with folks even if you differ on opinions about some things. How are things going in your adventures?

      • Don says:

        Hey, JT.

        Ahh, get outta here. You can’t keep up with me intellectually. Pfft!

        I just have high-fluting interests: doesn’t mean I’m that bright. Heh-heh. I’ll tell you who is pretty bright and that’s Claire Flourish. Other than having a gender-identity crisis, Claire is a very insightful and bright person.

        Well, I was planning on keeping in touch with you, but the last time I posted here; you mentioned me coming by “from time to time.” So, I was like WELL!

        I’ve been hanging out a little bit at the Huffington Post. The way they are set up though makes it hard to get to know anyone very well. I really only care about knowing a handful of good people and staying in touch with them.

        Well, I don’t just hear ‘em, I have multi-faceted views. I just try to shoot straight about what I believe. Sometimes, the democrats confuse me for a republican. Like when Obama gave that horrendous debate performance. Well, when I wrote my critique of it, “I got some replies like this one: “Will your heart end only with your death?” Hahaha. I had to explain that I was agin him I fer him.

        How are things going with me? Only so-so. Feeling kind of down. But I’ll get over it. I guess.

      • JT says:

        Hi Don, You are so are elusive, I did follow the link back to Clare’s piece and she does sound intelligent… but tortured, at least that is what I pick up on in that brief snippet of her. I didn’t delve any deeper into her writings though.

        I am sorry to hear that things are not going as well as could be. It is actually a segue into a piece I am considering writing comparing roller coasters to emotions. But that is talk for another time. I do need to leave for work but wanted to respond to you before I left. It may not mean much but I am sending thoughts and prayers to you right now. Peace, my friend. I hope to talk(write) more soon.

      • Don says:

        Thanks JT.

  4. Don says:

    “Hate,” not heart. Didn’t even realize I typed heart instead of hate until I reread it, just now.

  5. I typically cringe when a post pops up in my reader involving blogging. Maybe that’s how police officers feel when they’re called cops. I don’t know exactly from what this resistance within me stems, but I have a deep seated tendency of resisting the ‘cool club’ factor.

    I say all that to emphasize the unlikelihood of my attention span (and interest) surviving my attempt to absorb the thoughts in your post, and yet I found all of my predispositions flying out the window.

    I relate to your thought process. I don’t blog to “be” a blogger, I simply decided to give my journal some exposure, and for the most part, it seemingly works. I had no specific goal, though I’d be lying if I claimed to be ambivalent about feedback. Engaging the world with the purity of our minds, the rawness of our ego, the realities of our life, would be pointless without some type of engagement back. The return of thoughts and perceptions is powerful; it is the fuel by which our intentions are molded and our mindsets are shaped. We are perpetually transformed through the process of these interactions.

    So I wanted to take a thoughtful pause in my workd to acknowledge your ideas and let you know that they inspired and challenged me, to focus my efforts mire specifically and generously, and reminded me that to receive acknowledgement we must first learn to give it. And I don’t want to be the type to sqwuak some empty soundbite just for the sake of pretending to care. If I’m going to engage the writing world, I want to be engaged on a soul-level.

    Thank you for the contribution you’ve made to own perceptions. Be blessed.

    • JT says:

      You continue to amaze me with the depth and thought in your writing. A comment like this is such a welcome surprise from the typical comments. I say that not with any disrespect intended towards any commenter… because each view point is important and valued here. I think it is perhaps that we are often caught up in the busy work-a-day world and the time and effort it takes to make that level of investment in what someone is sharing often seems impractical. Thank you very much for investing in me 🙂 Perhaps you will be Blessed at least as much as you are a blessing.

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