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I Used to Call Myself a Christian….

Hi … I know its been a while, frankly I am not certain how much longer I will maintain this blog. The truth is  I am not really certain of much of anything anymore. I have not been in a … Continue reading

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Good Friday…Sunday’s Coming!

Lately I have been thinking a lot about people who get angry at Christians. In fact sometimes I get angry at Christians including myself. Let me establish my standard of Christianity, being a Christian to me means a follower of … Continue reading

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The Crisis of Faith at the Crossroad of Belief.

I was thinking…. Yes, I know, it caught me by surprise too.  Anyway, <—-that is an awful word to start a sentence with, but really I was thinking that there are so many clues to what we really believe and … Continue reading

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The Hypocrisy of an American Christian…

   In no way will I be able to completely and concisely describe in a full account the extent of the hypocrisies here but rather just a summary of a few.   Case 1. The claim that my faith rests in … Continue reading

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What is the Purpose of Church?

  The statistics are startling though not impressive. The consumer mentality that we approach so many things with has dramatically affected what traditionally has been an area purposed to be salt to the world.   Although the research espouses that 86% of … Continue reading

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When You Say “I Do”

Marriage is much more complex than I thought some 30 years ago. The vows we take are shrouded usually in a pre-wedded bliss where the immensity of the commitment your about to take can not be truly realized. When your … Continue reading

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Disasters,Calamities,and Politics!

I was wondering if anyone has noticed the increase lately in natural and unnatural disasters? I guess I ask that tongue in cheek because frankly we would have to be living a pretty sheltered existence not to notice at least … Continue reading

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