The Crisis of Faith at the Crossroad of Belief.

I was thinking…. Yes, I know, it caught me by surprise too.  Anyway, <—-that is an awful word to start a sentence with, but really I was thinking that there are so many clues to what we really believe and that sometimes they surprise us, and  sometimes I think that we still, even when we recognize that what we thought we believed was suddenly usurped by our own actions we still want to believe something different even though we reacted to a situation completely opposite of what we thought we believed.

I don’t know… it made sense while I was thinking it.

Well, here , let me see if I can give an impromptu example: Let’s say you are a follower of Jesus and you have been doing so for a long time, it doesn’t matter pick a number … something over 10 years. Now in the beginning you learned and believed that Jesus was the great provider and that He will always supply your needs, ( not wants but needs). Early on little things would crop up, like, say you lost your job. So, you immediately begin praying and talking to everyone you know saying “I need a job”. two weeks later you get a job, Yay God.  Now extrapolate that type of situation, and your reaction to it, out over many years.

When talking to friends you tell them yes, I trust God, He always takes care of me. Now some tragic event hits, and still on the outside everyone hears I trust God, but on the inside we are grappling and planning and manipulating our way out of the tragedy. Yes, it is human nature but it’s something more than that, for me it is anyway, at base level it’s a failure to be honest about my faith. I say I believe one thing but, if that were true then I would react differently.

I know this is a rather large subject and perhaps it is overzealous of me to try to attack it here on the blog, especially this late on a Friday night. Still I have many thoughts, in particular about our Christianity, American Christianity in particular but probably all Christianity in current day. The culture we become part of, or for some, the culture that is all we have ever known,  is riddled with opportunity for us to live this feeble and luke warm line. Our half-hearted attempts and overt religiosity is affirmed and propagated continuously. and I can’t help but draw a comparison between us and the story of slowly boiling a frog.

A rather slow realization came over me a few years ago that I was measuring my faith not by my relationship with God but rather what those around me in my “Christian peers” thought and believed. The irony in this discovery was that I have come to believe that many who profess faith are in that same place. I find that rather sobering and alarming. Deceit is a funny thing, if you are deceived you don’t know your deceived because what you believe to be true is actually, not.

Well, in the interest of keeping my posts to a fairly reasonable length. I will stop here… I may write more on this if I find people want to discuss it further.



About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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4 Responses to The Crisis of Faith at the Crossroad of Belief.

  1. I believe because our life as missionaries for 35 years, we have always had to trust God…I still trust God. This last year has been the most difficult year we have ever had. And I will still trust God. He sees what is ahead. That doesn’t keep me from praying “Lord, please as a Mom, my heart can’t handle anymore! Please take care of this soon!” ~Jen

  2. Great (and challenging) topic to tackle, JT. Good for you for doing so. I have often had to ask where my faith is when things aren’t going the way I plan. When I pray and ask for “the desires of my heart” and they don’t come or I THINK the don’t come… sometimes not realizing for a very long time that they HAVE come… just not in the packaging I was expecting. 🙂

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