If I Were A Girl I Would Have More Followers…

Yes I know, it sounds like a sexist comment. Honestly I didn’t mean it to be, I have only my perceptions to base it on. I suppose if I dressed myself up and put a wig on, it would turn some heads (including my own) but, not in a good way!

Being of the male gender and hence thinking like a guy, naturally, I have a better sense of what we as men are motivated by than what women are. If we are scrolling through Gravatar’s and see a pretty face we are more apt to at least check out what they are writing on their blog than, if, say we see the face of what might be considered a good-looking guy. I don’t know this to be as true with women… and women maybe you can help me out with that one?

The sad part, is we may begin to read and she could be discussing the latest hair care product developments… of which we would rather be run over by a large bird than read about, but we may actually read it anyway because hey… she’s cute. We will probably never read her again and yet the hook sets and we, caught, continue to flub around like a fish to the end of the post.

I have been married for 25 years and, it has been brought to my attention on a number of occasions that women were flirting with me… and I was completely clueless that they were! I guess because I am happy and secure in my marriage I don’t really see the opposite gender the same way a 22-year-old single guy might. That being said as men we still notice an attractive woman… I don’t know, perhaps we find it easier to possibly be accepted by a women than we do a man who is viewed as a competitor.

Suffice it to say, I am not well versed in the nuances of male and female interactions … but put on a wig and some proper lighting and maybe your stats will tell you a different story.



About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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16 Responses to If I Were A Girl I Would Have More Followers…

  1. jennw2ns says:

    I’m pretty sure quantity of followers doesn’t have much to do with gender. GENDER of followers might. (Although, I seem to have a decent number of female followers as well.)

    I think it’s really important for married people to be clear about their marital status online, however, just for the reasons you point out above. The internet’s helped destroy enough relationships without making things more ambiguous than they already are.

    • JT says:

      I will agree on the quantity versus gender and I have not done any significant study on the subject. From my vantage point it is purely speculation and being male, I am sure had a lot to do with it.

      The internet is certainly not a place where I would feel comfortable building on a relationship beyond the electronic because as you stated ambiguity is rampant on here. I try to tell it like it is, I am not so confident that others operate on that same platform. Thanks for making me think about it from a different perspective.

      • jennw2ns says:

        Yeah–I’m not so confident about that either.

        I have actually made some real-life friends via my blog, both male and female, by which I mean I’ve met them in real life, too. The friendships are harder to maintain, though, I’d say, since they’re basically blog-based and if you’re a hypocritical blogger like me (i.e. one who wishes the world to read her blog but rarely takes the time to read other people’s), it’s tough to keep up to speed and “in each others’ lives.”

        I’m not sure what point I’m making here. Probably just telling another Jenn story . . . 🙂

      • JT says:

        Relationships take quite a bit of nurturing so yeah, maintaining them in the blogoshere would seem even more difficult i.e. we are busy writing or trying to nurture our “real life” friends. One thing is certain… we always enjoy another Jenn story! 🙂

      • jennw2ns says:


        Your blog is a great read, too, btw . . .

      • JT says:

        Thank you, coming from you makes it one of the highest compliments I have received!

  2. Wait, my avatar does really not do anything for you?

  3. This is funny on so many levels… particularly if you are married and have two daughters, like I do…

  4. This is probably not quite the female feedback you’re seeking, but it would not ocur to me to scroll through gravatars and read based on beauty or lack thereof. I look for a tag or category and read based on that.

    • JT says:

      Hence my Hypothesis gains further credibility since you at least appear not to be a man, therefore you would not think as a man does. 🙂 I am glad that women think differently than men, of course that isn’t making it any easier to understand them either.

  5. I pay more attention to content than gender on blogs, so I have an equal-opportunity aversion to reading about haircare products.

    I do notice gender stereotypes in popular culture when said stereotypes are obnoxious – fairly often in other words. Last fall, for instance, I noticed the airwaves full of (1) dramas starring “strong women,” and (2) sitcoms full of idiot men, of the sort you sometimes see in Carl’s Jr. commercials – “Without us, some guys would starve.”

    Actually, some of the strong women dramas were good – I liked “Prime Suspect,” which of course is one of the shows that disappeared.

    Anyway, I find the blogosphere (a word I still hate, but find useful) to be a fairly inclusive, equal opportunity place, analogous to “Friends,” a sitcom with a very long run, perhaps because there was a balance of men and women, each with strengths and weaknesses.

    With the volume of posts each day, if I find someone saying, “All men are twits,” with a couple of clicks I can go learn about haircare.

    • JT says:

      That is an astute observation Morgan. I will admit most of my reading happens through recommendations of others without thought or preference towards the gender of the author. That being said several women I have read with large followings did cause me to wonder, although I do admit I did not dig any deeper to ascertain what the gender percentages were in their following.

      As an aside if you have watched the Lifetime network at all you would probably surmise as I did that “all men are twits” may be one of the networks operating slogans.

  6. You raise a very interesting point, JT. So much that I had to stop my job search for a moment to read your post and comment. You may be on to something… I’m not sure. I would say that the only thing I know for sure is that the gender of followers definitely coincides with the content. I have FAR more female followers than male and it doesn’t surprise me. I don’t write FOR women per se, but my content is more relatable to women I think.

    I also know that Heather at I’ll be waiting with a gun and a pack of sandwiches (her blog is accessible from my page b/c I am typing this quickly) wrote a post once about a girll who used her sexuality and attractiveness to get TONS of followers so if you push the envelope I think it can definitely work since men are visual beings.

    You’re probably right… but if you are then I would say it would be interesting and telling to do a study on the number of followers an attractive female garners than one who is unattractive or who doesn’t use a photo of herself in her gravatar.

    Hmmm… perhaps you should do a study and report the findings back to us! 😉

    • JT says:

      Hmm, yes a study is probably in order here. not sure I should be the one to facilitate it though. Perhaps you being a woman would be more likely to get the unbiased responses needed 😉

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