Carless !

It is always a blatant reminder how dependent we have become on something when suddenly we can’t! We wake up late because during the night the electricity took a vacation without giving us proper notice. We realize the temperature in our home has dropped below our comfort level and no matter how far we turn the dial on the thermostat the tell-tale rumble of the furnace refuses to engage. The road we always travel has a sign across it saying closed.

These events are inevitable in our lives, tests of our patience, humor, resourcefulness and how well we adapt to changes in our plan or expectations.

In the past I would typically react strictly on the level of inconvenience it perpetrated into my plans. I recently have started a process of trying to see things from a different perspective.

Saturday I was driving along and the infamous “Check engine light” illuminated on my dashboard. Thirty seconds later the car stalled as I coasted to a stop at a busy intersection. After several attempts to re-start my car I realized I needed a plan B. Here is where I diverged from my typical response which would have included bemoaning my situation, probably cussing out my car and letting a sense of overwhelming frustration pervade me as my plans, interrupted, would De-rail my life for some indeterminate period of time.

Instead I surveyed the area and thankfully there was a convenience center thirty feet to my left, I decided perhaps I could push my  hazard flashing method of transport into the parking lot. As I began to try to push my vehicle a couple of others stopped and ran to my assistance and within 3o seconds I was safely off the road. I called a garage local to me, and was surprised that late on a Saturday afternoon I heard a real voice actually answer the call and say they would be out to me with a tow truck within the hour. Not only were they prompt in their response, but transported me and my vehicle back to my home and respective garage of choice and did so for a far more reasonable sum than I anticipated.

I also found several other aspects of the situation to be thankful for such as, sufficient funds to pay for the tow truck, the fact that this happened in such a way to not create a safety hazard such as in the fast lane of a highway of which I was about to turn onto. I also was thankful for the things I had no knowledge of… things that may have been averted and a host of other unknowable’s.

This was far better response and a relatively stress free occasion in comparison. The car isn’t fixed and the money isn’t there to fix it and I am looking for ways not to default on my work responsibilities in the process, but I am still looking at every turn for all the things to be thankful about and finding there are far more things to be thankful for than things to be thankless about, and I would also mention that as I focus on the things to be thankful about it really leaves me little time to focus on the momentary disruption of my plans.

Have you ever tried to look at things differently and if so how did it work out for you?



About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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5 Responses to Carless !

  1. Walt says:

    After spending Sunday, a week ago, with one of my grandsons, Spencer, it was time to take him home. That’s one thing about grandchildren you can usually take them home at the end of the day after seeing the latest Star Wars 3D movie. We had stopped earlier in the day to have lunch at McDonald’s and Spencer wanted a shamrock shake for desert. I had a taste and thought it was pretty good. So after taking Spencer home I started back to Whitinsville. I just so happens there is a McDonald’s about a mile from my house that I go right by when going home. Now I thought wouldn’t it be nice of me to get my wife one of those shamrock shakes. It might be even nicer to get two of them. So into the drive thru I went. As I waited at the pick-up window with my foot on the brake all of a sudden the brake pedal went I the way to the floor. I quickly put the truck into park. After all I had not gotten my shamrock shakes yet and I wasn’t going anywhere without them. As it turned out I wasn’t going very far with them. I put the truck in first gear and slowly went to the nearest parking space that was uphill and called my wife and told her I had gotten her a shamrock shake the only catch was she would have to come and get it. Which she did and also gave me a ride home as well.
    I was a little upset that the brakes failed. But, I thought what if it had happened while I was taking Spencer home in a line of traffic when the traffic light turned red. How many times do the brakes fail when you are stopped on level ground off the road at McDonalds waiting for a shamrock shake. Somebody was watching out for me and for that I am thankful. The shamrock shake wasn’t bad either.

  2. Hopefully you can car pool with someone until you can get your car back on the road. I have had a challenge thrown at me this month that I am still dealing with. I am remaining strong and positive through it and at times it has been tough. I know this will make me stronger and be a great learning lesson in the future. This too shall pass as the saying goes. I reflect on what I do have and try to be grateful and thankful. Hang in there:)

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