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The Conundrum of Awesome, Continued…

I,…. how many thoughts, sentences, motivations, activities in a life, in my life, are centered on or somehow motivated from the me platform?  In my last post here, I alluded to the fact that my struggle with awesome in the … Continue reading

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The Knowing and The UnKnowing

  Literature the written expression borne of the minds motivated by the imaginations and is the creative or at times not so creative expression of facts, ideas, stories real or imagined that for some reason we desire to share. Literary … Continue reading

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Food 4 Thought Food 4 Life…

I thought it was time to talk about this blog. Why did I start it, and why do I continue? This is a place of multiplicity by design, meant to give voice to the many random thoughts and musings that appear without  … Continue reading

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“Might as Well Face it I’m Addicted to _ _ _ _”

How do you know when your addicted?My family has made it known to me that I have a problem, actually most people I know have begun to hint in subtle ways that perhaps I may need some professional intervention. I … Continue reading

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