Reflecting on Terror…

Does everything have a reason? In light of the recent horror perpetrated in Boston, many close to the scene are still reeling from the shock. Somehow distance seems to provide a certain paradigm with which we view things, tragic things in particular. If you were there on the street within sight or sound of the bombs going off, your perspective is different from, say, someone 3 streets over, and again different for someone one state over.

Like ripples from a stone dropped in still water the effects grow less perceptible the further you go from the point of impact. New York, for me in 2001, living in Massachusetts, ripped at my emotions like nothing previously had. Now… Boston in my own backyard seems, if you will forgive my honesty, less so. Oh, it is tragic, horrible, gut wrenching, and I didn’t have anyone I knew directly impacted by the blast. But, I wonder if the frequency of the incidents, along with our hyper-connected world has anesthetized me in some ways. I do care deeply for the pain, loss, and needless suffering that others are going through, but somehow I almost feel like I don’t care enough.

Balance, I believe is important when processing these events, both in the how and the why. If we should go too far in the other direction we could very well end up walking around in fear of every nuance of danger. Faith comes into play here for me as well. I suppose we could pose the question: “Does God control all things?” I think yes…and no. What I mean is God created this Earth, he set it’s axis, he placed the sun and the moon and stars in their respective places… so then why would “He” leave His most important creation, namely us, to happenstance? I don’t believe this goes against the argument for free will either. Yes we have free will and we have consequences , good and bad in bringing that free will to fruition. That being said, I don’t necessarily think God micro-manages His creation, but, I do think because He is God that: 1) He has all knowledge and therefore He can and did make design decisions based on that knowledge, and 2) He has the ability and at times the desire to intervene into his creation for purposes known and unknown.

I say all this because it is my bedrock… I am not a sadist who has this… yes please hurt me I deserve it attitude, neither am I someone who thinks every moment has to be a teachable one… but they probably are anyway. I am saying that I believe in my God and my faith allows me to weather the storms if for no other reason than, I have been given this faith trusting that my Father Loves me not with a worldly fickle temporal love, but a transcendent love that has no limit so that regardless of what happens, I am safe with Him.

How do you wade through these catastrophic events?




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I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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4 Responses to Reflecting on Terror…

  1. To me, the “signs” just keep adding up. Every nation that was nearing judgment, God gave warnings to. How many warnings we get, I do not know. Life in America has changed. Why is that? Does it just happen to coincide with our departure, as a country, from God? Is it all just a coincidence? Is our “prideful” attitude in rebuilding our “One World Tower” of no meaning? Does it not send red-flags that this is the same prideful attitude Israel had before her judgment? Too many warnings. Too many red-flags. Too many alarms going off in my spirit. To me, the spiritual algebraic equation only adds up one way. “X” = warnings from God! Turn around before it is too late!

  2. JT says:

    While I agree the signs keep adding up both in frequency and intensity, I think we as believers have a number of responsibilities in response to our world. I think we can be most effective walking out our faith by grace, in love, drawing others to Christ. I suppose many people are already walking with fear as a counterpart. As believers we can see the signs but if we in turn go to others we will not be received because 1) others who are not believers will not consider our words/witness credible and 2) fear is of course the wrong motivation upon which to build faith.
    I know that you know these things already, I wanted to reiterate them here for readers who may come here who believe differently than we do. Thank you my friend, Blessings to you and your family.

  3. To the best of my ability to answer your question – I try not to focus on the fear and try to see that not everything is B&W and that everything has a reason behind it – stuff happens!!! Great Post – Happy Weekend:)

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