Hello, New Day, New Year, Same Promise

So… we say good-bye to the confidence we had when writing out the date, (not that we hand write much of anything anymore). Another Presidential election year has left it’s imprint on history, and everyone you meet is wishing you a “Happy New Year” or asking what, if any, resolutions you made.

For years I felt caught up in the well wishes and the quest for new beginnings, certain that this year was going to be different! I will lose that weight, be on time , eat healthy, be nicer to the neighbors cat, or whatever you want to fill in the blank with here_______.

Over the years I realized that life changes don’t happen on a whim and are not likely to stick unless your motivated and have established some accountability partners. This applies no matter what kind of changes one might want to make.

There were a few years there where I said to myself I will make Jesus my accountability partner! Nowadays this mentality is not only ludicrous the very real accountability that is part of this life can cause an abrupt reshaping of who I thought I was. One day everything will be held up to the perfect measure of God’s Truth. The failed weight loss attempt pales into insignificance when placed in that perspective.

There is only one thing that I will be able to utter on that day of accountability, from a face buried in the dirt.  He will hear… Help me Jesus, no matter what numerical year we are in or how advanced we become as a people the promise of Christ as Savior gave me a new day, a new year, a New Life!

May the Christ that was born and died and rose again 3 days later be your Happy New Year!



About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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2 Responses to Hello, New Day, New Year, Same Promise

  1. Thanks, JT, for the Happy New Year wish, and same to you, friend! Here’s a laugh for you, I came into this new year trying to better understand what it means that God refers to us as sheep, and I mean really get a grasp of it! I have put on sheep glasses and I am trying to see everything through their eyes. I am now trying to figure out what it means to be a samurai sheep? How’s that for an interesting spiritual challenge? Anyway, it has made my new year very interesting! I hope the new year is great for you too, and thanks for the words of encouragment over this past year!

  2. nyparrot says:

    Happy, Inspiring and Prosperous 2013 to you and your family, JT!:)

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