The C Word…


Carcinoma, oncology,mammography, lumpectomy, progesterone, testicular,colon, on and on the medicaleze in which the medical community speaks to us about the dreaded “C” word (as if saying the word will somehow add some additional level of trauma in the hearing of it) surprises and irritates me.

Cancer, who hasn’t been touched in some way by this disease? Whether directly or indirectly I think most of us have. I think playing in the back of everyone’s mind is a C word fear that paralyzes us. I guess it is somewhat justified because let’s face it who wants to be the one on the receiving end of that conversation, and even when we are reminded of the multitude of other tragedies that could befall us, the cancer diagnosis reigns supreme.

I am not sure why this is… perhaps because it is so prevalent, even with all the medical breakthroughs it still seems to hold the pinnacle of media and fundraising attention. I in no way want to minimize the horrific impact this disease is, was and will be making on countless lives, and though, to be honest, I would rather be diagnosed with cancer than say Alzheimer’s, I still wouldn’t want my loved ones or yours truly to have cancer either!

I do feel though that we really need to stop talking about cancer as though there were a rabbit in the room. For those of you who may read this who have had 1st or 2nd hand experience with this, please know that my heart hurts for the tragic and traumatic experience that cancer is! My hope and prayer is that the tide is turning to a time when the survivor’s far outpace those who have fallen to this horrible disease.

As difficult as it is I really believe that the more we take this out of the dark and expose it to the light the greater our successes and the deeper our empathy will be, and for those who have maybe not been touched yet by cancer… being open to the conversation and increasing awareness about the realities of cancer, however unwelcome the conversation may seem, will provide a far better foundation in how we deal with it in the future.





About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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