Books E-weighted Conversation…


Technology, love it or hate it, either way it’s here to stay.  When personal computing started


The first developers of IBM PC computers negle...

The first developers of IBM PC computers neglected audio capabilities (first IBM model, 1981). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


becoming popular I dug in with both heels determined not to be drawn into the fray… based on the fact that I am sitting at my computer typing this post for an online blog, you can see how that played out.

Recently I used my Facebook status to help me research e-readers/ tablets to determine functionality and value. I have to admit I struggle with this purchase because 1. it isn’t a need and 2. participating with this electronic escape from turning a page irritates me. I can see where the technology is attractive on  a number of points. I know I am not going to stop progress and this argument is not based on a pro versus con platform, this is completely from my emotional attachment to feeling the weight of a book in my hand, the smell and bond of the paper, the attachment that develops on a really well written book that says, this one becomes part of my bookshelf library. Falling asleep with an e-reader in my hand simply doesn’t feel the same when my eye lids inadvertently close and the e-reader hit’s my chest or face and I end up being startled awake as the cooling fan kicks on.

The idea of browsing is lost on me as well, yes the convenience of sitting on my couch and browsing thousands of titles, effortlessly, as if I haven’t already overdosed on convenience, isn’t the same as going to a bookstore or a library and letting the character of a book draw me before I even know what the title is or glanced at the cover design. Exploring various genre’s and topics… it’s like discovering a treasure and opening the pages is part of the journey into the story I always wanted to be part of but wouldn’t have realized it until hindsight unveiled it for me.


Photo of HP Tablet PC running MS Windows Table...

Photo of HP Tablet PC running MS Windows Tablet Edition. Modified with Picasa2. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Between the digital realm we have invited into our homes and lives and the written realm that was and is, is me torn between the two not wanting to let go of the one while reaching out to touch the other.




About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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6 Responses to Books E-weighted Conversation…

  1. I got a kindle for Christmas 2010, and requested that type of reader after checking with friends who had different kinds and determining that the kindle (at least then) was the most eye-friendly. I can read it in sunlight, just like a “real” book, unlike those readers with screens like my smartphone. I guess the B&N Nook now comes with a backlit screen to try to address that problem.

    There’s a physical book on the table beside me, filled with sticky notes, underlines and scribbles in the margins. That’s the kind of volume I always want in a physical version. Also those few books that come along that become treasures, that I read again and again.

    I’m very happy to have ebook versions of things I will read only once. Most genre fiction. After I know who dunnit, I’m unlikely to read a mystery again and I’m stuck with yet another paperback to join decades worth of packrat clutter. Ebooks are perfect for travel, especially by airplane.

    I miss the days of bookshops – and I mean the ones that weren’t so carefully arranged by marketing departments. I mean the one’s where you’d find oddball titles and actually discover something new. Now most of those discoveries happen online, so for me, there was no reason to resist.

    Good luck with your choice.

    • JT says:

      Thank you Morgan, you have summarized my thoughts quite nicely here :-). I am leaning towards a small tablet that has uses beyond the reading as my practical side takes over… I will probably post something once I have made my choice.

  2. L. Palmer says:

    I have a 7″ Android tablet that I take with me on the bus to work and back. The local library has e-books available, so I’ve been browsing those, but the options are very limited. My tablet, however, is more than e-reader: It’s a time-wasting game machine, as well as a productivity tool with my calendar, calculator, money ledger, and, most importantly, word processor.
    I resisted an e-reader/tablet of any kind until I got my current job where I commute for 2-3 hours per day. Now, it is an essential addition to my laptop. Still prefer physical books, but like carrying a very light device instead of several pounds of books.

    • JT says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with this dilemma between the practical and what the big boys would have us buy with their convincing spiels… Thanks for the insight and your experience, I will probably post on this topic once I have made my choice, if I make my choice 🙂

  3. Like yourself I prefer a book but have a Kindle Fire and think of at as fast food, it serves a purpose in our lives and is convient. I have mastered borrowing ebooks from my library for free I even borrow ebooks for my 7yr old granddaughter when she visited, it was fun…just saying

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