Have Fun with That!

I would like to share a comical story with you all.  Recently a co-worker of mine went home on a Friday and decided that even though her gas tank was on empty she would wait to get gas rather than fight the Friday afternoon traffic. As the weekend progressed she forgot all about it. Coincidentally she also began having problems with her cell phone and during the weekend figured out that she could receive calls and texts but she could not call out or send texts. Since she has no house phone she figured she would try to reach her cell phone company on Monday when she arrived at work to try to discern what was wrong with it.

Monday morning comes and to her chagrin her car won’t start and as she dialed her co-worker’s number to let her know there was a problem she nearly slapped herself in the head with a classic (Duh) moment of realization that she couldn’t call out. Realizing this she decides she will start walking down the street to a local convenience store to use a pay phone. Imagine her frustration when she arrived at the store to find that the place where the pay phone was once mounted was now barren.

At this point, she now needs to walk in the opposite direction back past where she just came from to begin walking towards work, which is about 6 miles away,  in the hopes that she will find a phone at the plaza about a mile away. “If I can find a phone, then they will send someone to pick me up”, she’s thinking as she walks. When she arrives at the plaza she breathes a sigh of relief there, at the front of the plaza is 2 free-standing pay phone kiosks. When she is about 10 paces away she stops in disbelief both kiosks have had the phones removed! Staring up at the sky she says half under her breath, “this can’t be happening to me”!? Glancing around she sees halfway across the plaza a pay phone mounted on the wall outside the supermarket. She half-jogs across the parking lot and as she nears the phone she nearly lets out a whoop of excitement the phone is actually there and appears intact.

With shaking fingers she finally pulls a dollars worth of change needed to make a call from her pocketbook. Trembling she dials the number to the office and her co-worker answers. Breathlessly she explains her car died and she has started walking to work. ( Amy the co-worker could barely hear her and also was aware that her co-workers car often stalled and at times could take 15 to twenty minutes of waiting before it would re-start, this knowledge coupled with the fact that there was a bad connection led her to believe that the car had just stalled and she was running late.) So after her explanation Amy replied  jokingly, “Have fun with That! She stared at the phone with her jaw nearly hitting the ground silently thinking “Have Fun with That! Really!… not even an offer to come and get her?! Incredulous she said to Amy, “OK I guess I’ll see you when I get there. Amy replied, “OK, see you later” and hung up the phone.

At this she slowly hung up the phone still standing there with her mouth open in dis-belief. Out of cash she started back across the parking lot to the road to continue her walk to work. The only thing that kept replaying in her mind as she walked was the sound of Amy’s voice saying “have fun with that” and wondering why she didn’t even offer to come and get her.

About half an hour later as she walked she received a text message from another co-worker asking, “Is everything all right?”, she looked at the phone defiantly and ignoring the strange looks from the cars passing by, started an out loud conversation with the phone held at arms length out in front of her, “No! Everything is not all right! BUT I CAN’T CALL YOU TO TELL YOU THAT!” Then she began to talk coaxingly…”call, call me, pick up your phone and call me right now”, in the hopes that somehow they would receive the message subliminally.

It was then that the raindrops began to intermittently pelt her in the face and head. Looking up she said more to herself than anyone, really….REALLY?  Shrugging her shoulders in surrender she thought sure, why not, everything else has gone wrong.

Finally another co-worker who was driving by in the opposite direction noticed her walking and called the office and explained that she just saw her co-worker walking and was there anyone who could come pick her up.

Amy picked her up 5 minutes later since now she was only about a mile from the office! She stared at Amy when she pulled up not sure if she should get in or strangle her. Once they had a chance to talk and Amy explained about the mixed message, they were both able to share a laugh.  But there is one thing I don’t think Amy will say to her again….




About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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