Parenting 10000001


I, being a parent of 6 children, have had a significant exposure to the antics that are typical of child rearing. That I still am surprised so often, may come as a surprise to some. The idea that you can start from a little life that is totally dependent for it’s every need, to a teenager who is trying to let you know you have a lot to learn can be exasperating and humbling and every emotion in between.

The span of these emotions over the years leaves you with emotional as well as physical whiplash.  Your teenager who purports to tell you that you don’t understand that it is possible to fall in love with the person they met on the internet over a 3 day conversation and is now the person they want to spend the rest of your life with, hits you with the same force as a stick of dynamite, meanwhile, your memory banks drag up the vision of you teaching this same child how to tie their shoes.

Regardless of how much you try to explain the intricacies of a developing relationship, this child is convinced you received your license to parent from a box of “Cracker Jacks“! This is why you see these clichés popping up that say ” Attention Children, Hurry, get a job and move out while you still know everything!”, To which the child replies, ” Why would I want to move out and lose my cafeteria card and laundry service!  Oh you might threaten to cut off services but then they play the guilt card with the puppy dog eye routine and say I could do it myself … but nobody makes fill in the blank______ like Mom does and no matter how I try I can’t seem to get the hang of folding my socks just right and getting my laundry to smell like a fresh spring morning!

This sets up the future scenario when they do move out, it is in word only, the uncanny ability to show up just as supper is going on the table with a laundry bag in hand and the puppy dog eyes coming around the corner 2 steps before they do!

Empty Nest Syndrome… HA!





About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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2 Responses to Parenting 10000001

  1. L. Palmer says:

    I am number 3 out of seven, and currently contributing to my parents’ lack of empty nest syndrome due to my job situation. I do pay rent, buy groceries, and assist in transporting younger, carless siblings. I’m grateful to awesome parents that want what’s best, want to help us grow up and move out, but still let us have a roof over our head when the economy makes things not quite work out.

    • JT says:

      Yes, once a parent, always a parent. We never stop loving or wanting the best for our children. Sometimes we become introspective, second guessing our parenting skills and wondering if we had done some things differently if it would have alleviated some trial or heartache. That being said we can’t change the past, but move forward each day hopefully learning along the way how to better understand our ever changing roles as our child matures. Thanks for commenting and following 🙂

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