My Small Story Part 1

The next few posts are going to be connected as I share a piece of my small story.

I was born in a medium size city in central Massachusetts in 1963. My earliest memory is of a day in elementary school when I won an 8 millimeter projector. I remember how excited I was as I began the walk to my house with it under my arms, it was somewhat bulky but the thought of sharing my prize with my mother when I walked in the door was more the enough to squelch any discomfort I felt while carrying it home. A neighborhood girl who was older than me caught up to me while I was walking home and grabbed the projector from my arms and said, ” that’s a little big for you to carry let me take it home for you”. Before I could even respond she was off and too far ahead of me to catch.

By the time I arrived home I was crying, the girl had already dropped the projector off and shared the story with my mother, my mother couldn’t understand why I was crying considering the wonderful prize I had received. I don’t know if I was ever able to explain why I was upset to my mother, in fact if I bring it up to her today she doesn’t even remember the event. I remember later, that girl became an occasional babysitter, and when my parents would leave I would go outside and climb a tree and refuse to come down when she asked me to.

I have very few memories of that early time in my life, in fact most of my memories begin when I was 10 years old, Mom and Dad asked my brother and I to come sit at the table because they wanted to talk to us about something. I remember thinking that it must not be a good thing because it wasn’t even mealtime and they had never asked to speak to us like this before. Mom started off by reminding us how much she and Daddy loved us and…



About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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6 Responses to My Small Story Part 1

  1. Donald Miller says:

    I don’t have a great deal of memories from my childhood, either. I’m always surprised by people who seem to have vivid and detailed memories. I’m always a bit suspicious that they’re experiencing what Woody Allen refers to as “more than total recall.” 😉

    I think my first memory is when my uncle and grandparents were driving me to the hospital when my brother was being born. I don’t remember anything from the hospital, but I do remember being in that car. I’m three years and three months older than my brother, so I can nail that memory down exactly.

    • JT says:

      Wow, that is a young age to have a memory, my wife is amazing like that, she has a very vivid memory. She can look at something and say oh so and so gave that to me the Christmas of 97′ and then proceed to rattle off what else she received that year. It drives me crazy that she can do that 😀

      • Donald Miller says:

        Ahhhahahah. So what we have here is a verifiable case and not one where “more than total recall” has been used. ::)

      • JT says:

        I guess so, to be honest if she was using more than total recall I certainly wouldn’t have the memory to call her out on it 😀

  2. Donald Miller says:

    one of these days I need to find WordPress’s cheat sheet for the characters needed to make the right emo faces. I thought I might have gotten an emo wearing glasses on that last one, but no dice.

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