If You Could… Would You?

Inside of each of us is a red-faced, fists clenched, and  a spirit of it is all about me, child. Do you deny it? This American society is the single most marketed to society in the history of the world, we are bombarded daily with hundreds if not, thousands of messages to buy and buy is what we do. Twenty five percent of Americans presently have a negative net worth!

Go anywhere, car dealerships, furniture stores, travel agencies, name-brand stores and outlets, malls, restaurants etc. Did I hit your button? I just need a new car, I deserve to have someone else cook for me because I worked hard today, Company is coming over for the holiday’s and I simply can’t bear to have them see this old furniture or the big game is on and we really need a screen that will allow everyone to see without their line of sight impeded.

If I can just have , get, be then I will be happy, and so, off we go spending what we don’t have, to get what we don’t need, to obtain what can’t be bought.

We have been duped into a child’s mentality while living in adult bodies and unless we change we are destined to live the life of a slave… a slave to stuff, a slave to debt, a slave to the idea that happiness comes in a package.

If someone offered you a way to get out of debt, to live a new paradigm, to grow up and plan for purchases and hold off on impulsive desires in order to win in your life, family, finances. Would you take it?

I know it sounds like a gimmick, doesn’t it? Some slick sales technique, a slippery con to try to get money out of you. But what if the only thing it cost you was time? Would that be enough, or has all your hope been stolen from you and your dreams all overshadowed by pessimism?

The reality is, there is help out there but it does cost your time, but more than that it costs something that I wonder whether most of us our willing to pay? T o be willing to say NO to our whims and desires, to be able to honestly differentiate between our wants versus our needs, and then to use self-discipline and a plan that would allow you to change your life! and possibly even your family tree!

I wonder how many of us out there really want to change and break free from the self-induced bondage that many of us are in?… I wonder



About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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11 Responses to If You Could… Would You?

  1. Making your readers think today; like that! I actually budget and put a percentage of my income towards retirement (in the doubles and directly deposited). I purchase what I need and every once in a while pay myself to have a little fun in life:) Great Post – Have a Wonderful Day!

  2. Donald Miller says:

    I have a “meeting of the board” setup on the magazine. I hope you stop by and join in so we can kick around a couple of ideas. I think the first idea will be helping Don Allen get his truck driver stories up and running.

  3. Cheryl M says:

    There is a lot of good material out there to help. I used Dave Ramsey’s financial peace book, bought used online then resold to learn the principles and get out of debt. It was great to be debt free when Scott was laid off for almost 6 months, we had an emergency fund and didn’t have to stress out. You have to learn to think counterculture. Great post!

    • JT says:

      Yes Mary and I are using Dave Ramsey’s stuff to accomplish the same thing. It is very liberating to be purposeful instead of flying by the seat of your pants 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Cheryl.

  4. Donald Miller says:

    Inside of each of us is a red-faced, fists clenched, child screaming “It’s all about me!”

    I do deny it. I think most people are interested in more than themselves, although it is easy to go astray. I blame the Capitalists for it. You are right about us being inundated by messages to consume.

    I was reading an account of the French Revolution where the mob rule had no mercy on anyone, including those who had treated them well. The lesson for me is to think for myself and not to go with the herd.

    • JT says:

      Alright, so maybe I exaggerated a little bit… it is probably still about me though even if it starts out being about someone else we often times have an angle. Granted not many of us explore that depth of honesty, well at least I know I don’t, but I am aware it’s there 🙂

      • Donald Miller says:

        Yeah, I know what you mean. I began something on my blog about the Adolf Eichmann trial. It’s going to take me a while to go through it, but I find the way Eichmann was held accountable for what he did (or went along with) to be a real eye opening reminder.

        That first sentence of my last reply was a suggestion. I don’t want to tread where I ought not to go, but I’m always on the lookout for how to make my stuff better. No kidding, I sometimes spend more time tweaking something after I’ve posted it than I did writing it.

        But that’s just the way I am. I guess I’ll let other people ask me for any input if they want it. I like to think of myself as always open to advice. But that’s not always true. I often overestimate myself just like everyone else does themselves. For instance, Adam Benton mentioned how he thought the site’s navigation was a mess and he made some suggestions on how to improve it. My first reaction was to get my back up. But then I realized he was right and changed everything to the way he suggested. It is in fact much better now.

        I say all that just to let you know that you can ask for or offer advice. But I’ll probably wait for people to ask me. Usually, I suppose it’s kind of a touchy issue with most folks.

      • JT says:

        Thanks Donald for your input. Respectfully disagreeing is not a bad thing, getting different views is how we grow and helps us to solidify our own thoughts and positions on things. I guess it is a balance thing on presenting opposing perspectives without having folks become defensive. Communicating is an art form that we are continually learning 🙂 Just wanted you to know I appreciate your views and welcome the opposing views as an opportunity to grow.

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