Sharon, This One’s For You

This italicized section is a blog post entitled “Helpless” I started writing in August of 2011. The rest of the post will explain why.


Just writing about the various situations I have experienced that have caused  this emotion stirs me. Learning of a friend who has been diagnosed with cancer it is the first thing I feel (helpless). I want to help, every part of my being screams silently I want to help, and although I will go through the motions of comforting and praying and empathizing and “keeping a stiff upper lip”, still inside it’s there, sitting like a rock the size of a large potato right at the pit of my stomach!

  You know this feeling and it’s cousin, “Anger”! Angry that the situation is beyond you, or any human’s ability to control. Sensing the raw emotion and yet trying to discern where to direct this pent-up emotion, certainly not at my friend but, it has to go somewhere I can’t bear to keep it bottled inside me!

They say there are two things you can’t avoid in this life death and taxes. I would have to disagree. Taxes maybe, but death, well maybe I am getting ahead of myself.

A dear friend and fellow worker in a ministry called “The Team” went to sleep on Sunday March 11th, I say sleep because she believed as I do that once you have found the truth about Christ and the resurrection, death need no longer be feared because Christ is victorious over death!

For those of you who may not share this belief, I of course can understand your doubt or cynicism. However before you chalk it up to religious goobly gook I would hope that you would earnestly and honestly perform your own due diligence in checking out Jesus and His claims. Scripture says that to him who earnestly seeks him, he will be found. I guess you could say there is a big gray area here because the bible also says no one comes to the Father except the spirit draw them. The question then is, is the spirit drawing you?

I present all of this not in an effort to ram my beliefs down your throat but rather to encourage communication and  investigation if you have simply cast off the possibility that God is real because of your upbringing, or what your peers have said or because you at some point tried the church thing and you were bored or someone you trusted hurt you and shattered your faith, or a hundred other possible reasons…. But! You have never taken it upon yourself to really seek out the truth, on your own, apart from all the social and emotional biases, blocking out all the social, political and familial influences and approaching it from the attitude of “all right God I want to know if you are real, is there really anything to all this Jesus Stuff?”.

I encourage you to take the steps to ascertain for yourself the validity of the gospel, if in the end, after an honest and earnest effort you decide it’s bogus, what have you lost? It is a question of eternal significance and looking at how much effort we put into deciding about matters with far less impact, I would say this is worth far more of your attention than anything else this world has to offer.

Sharon  is home now and one day when I get home I look forward to seeing her there, and believe it or not I look forward to seeing you there too!



About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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2 Responses to Sharon, This One’s For You

  1. Beautiful post and there is a great reminder in your post too! I am ready whenever that times come and am in sound mind when I say that. Have a Great Day.

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