Politics as Usual?

 I am not a political animal, in fact I find the process overwhelming at times. I understand the process but often times it feels so far removed from my day-to-day life that I often don’t give it much thought. I am a registered voter (independent) and believe that voting the party line by and large is a dis-service to the process and the country. As I watch from the sidelines this year I am not encouraged with the field or the direction we are heading in this country, perhaps because I consider myself conservative… a constitutionalist.

   I will vote and believe we all should as that is indeed how our system operates most effectively with the voice of the people essentially driving the legislative future of our country. I will state this one caveat, that my faith, plays (or at least it is my aim to play) the singular most important role in my life and this being part of my life, therefore is no exception.

  I pray for the country and it’s leadership and believe that all authority emanates from God, that being said, I believe anyone regardless of position in life has some authority and will be accountable as to how that authority was utilized. This doesn’t bring license to simply throw one’s hands up and adopt a cavalier attitude about our government, as if to say well the heck with it , God is in control so I will let him figure it out! On the contrary we have a responsibility as children of God to cooperate with what he has blessed us with and to stand as representatives of truth, righteousness, and decency. Most of the time this is not a popular place to be or a voice to speak with.

It seems our nation continues at every turn to look for ways to remove God from our daily lives, considering how young we are as a nation, and taking a look at the history of nations that have been around much longer than ours, leaves me with a very big question.

 In light of history where do you think our nation is headed?




About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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4 Responses to Politics as Usual?

  1. Another thinker this morning I see. I believe our nation is on one slippery slope right now and you know the worse cast scenario in that. I try to make an informed decision and vote for the best candidate. However, that will be one tough decision to make in about 8 months time – still a little undecided who can get us back on track (i.e. economy, jobs, housing, etc.). Thanks for sharing and great post!

    • JT says:

      Yes Renee, a tough decision indeed. It is probably impractical to think there is someone who is going to get it all right but you would hope to find someone with vision and integrity who would lead rather than react. Thanks for being such a faithful commenter, there should be an award for that 🙂

  2. For me, the slippery slope lies in how people manifest their faith in public life. We rightly honor some who lead by example, manifesting values of compassion, integrity, courage, justice: Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Theresa, and whole lot of people living quietly but illuminating the lives of those around them.

    At the same time, I recoil from those who would impose their spirituality on others, and that mentality includes some notorious people: Osama Bin Laden, Oliver Cromwell, the clergy of the Spanish Inquisition.

    You’ve probably heard the Hindu parable of the five blind brothers who are sent out to wash an elephant. One works on the tail, another the flanks, the third the trunk, the fourth the legs, the fifth the ears. They compare notes afterwards and almost come to blows. One says an elephant is thin, like a rope. Another says, “You’re crazy, an elephant is thick, like a tree trunk,” and so on.

    The analogy, of course, is that each of the different religions all have a piece of the unfathomable mystery of divinity, but no one has a lock on the totality.

    To my mind, those politicians who are strident about imposing their view of the elephant on others come dangerously close to fascism. I think the constitutional separation of church and state was designed to protect from that – after all, a significant portion of the early colonists were fleeing religious persecution in Europe. (As one friend says, “Yep, America was founded by paupers, petty criminals, religious fanatics, and draft dodgers.”)

    I fear that the cynicism people feel this year about the electoral process is well founded. Will the election be won by the best candidate or the one who can raise the most SuperPac money?

    • JT says:

      Morgan, well thought and presented view points here, How one manifests their faith I suppose is a slippery slope in that so much emphasis on whether or not people are imposing or are only perceived as imposing their spiritual dogma on others has more to do with perception and personal biases than forced impositions. As an example I think of the positions over the last few years of religious celebration practices, ie Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays or whether or not to display the Nativity Scene. The religious freedoms we enjoy in this country are no doubt under stress, in my opinion due to a number of factors related to the idea that when someone express a spiritual viewpoint differing from their own it often becomes an argument on who’s view is correct, Someone who uses a platform to espouse their religious views while not living it out in their day to day lives obviously will be called out on the hypocrisy.

      My faith is based on a mutual relationship, one that is of free will. Yes I will share my faith and invite others to as well. I think communicating differing views is essential to growth. That being said, I have the attitude that no one comes to the Father unless the Spirit draws him, yes I have a responsibility to share my faith to encourage, edify, and build up, if I were to try and coerce or force my faith on anyone it would be an exercise in futility because a forced faith is no faith at all.

      I concur with your summation on the cynicism this year regarding the electoral process, although I would say my own cynicism extends back quite a few years if for no other reason than the leadership we elect seems to lack vision and the political process has become a career mentality which has greatly reduced the sense of honor and responsibility of public service.

      Thank you as always for your thoughtful insights, Morgan.

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