The Real Christmas, Part 2

If you have just jumped in here I hope you will take a moment to go back and read The Real Christmas, Part 1

To continue my thoughts here, relationship is really the basis for any meaningful fulfillment. That being said, I truly believe Christmas is all about relationship. I realize this next section may be un-popular with some, however, having discussions in an open and non-hostile environment is a healthy and necessary part of shaping our beliefs. Having beliefs should not be simply accepted, due diligence should be done on our parts in order to establish a foundation for our beliefs.

Christmas by and large is a familiar story, the birth of Christ has been widely acknowledged in our society if not accepted. I would like to ask a few questions here. Have you ever tried to prove or dis-prove the existence of Christ? After hearing stories of Jesus did you simply chalk them up to some weak-willed or fanatical element that mindlessly follows after what ever is preached or, have you done some of your own deep and unbiased investigation of your own to discern the truth? If you were to discover that the testimony of Christ was true, how would it change your life…or, would it not change at all?

I bring all of this up because I have done the searching and have found far more evidence that proves the Validity of Christ than disproves.  Now I know everyone is an expert on their own opinion, and this post is not meant to be inflammatory, I am just asking questions because I think God has always wanted relationship with us and that Christ’s birth is a gateway in how we can experience it.

I realize this is an enormous subject and I could be opening up the proverbial “can of worms” ! I will admit that there is far more that I don’t know than what I do know, still, I welcome the chance to have dialogue and perhaps explore together this subject of spiritual meaning.

Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and love that only comes through real relationships, the Peace that Passes Understanding and the abiding Joy that isn’t hinged on December 25th!



About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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3 Responses to The Real Christmas, Part 2

  1. Merry Christmas and May You and Your Family Be Blessed! Here’s to Season’s Eating and Wishes Coming True:)

  2. jeffsdeepthoughts says:

    I don’t think the debate is too much about whether or not Jesus was actually born. That’s pretty well established. I think the much more difficult questions are: #1) Was Jesus who he said he was? and #2) Did Jesus say the things that the cannonical gospels claim he did?

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