Living Without (ing)

Rather than bore you with the details of this week of Dr’s. and E.R. visits, suffice it to say today is my first full day without a fever since at least Thanksgiving…. I am optimistic I have turned a corner and that is all I want to say about that!

It has recently come to my attention I have been living with (ing) for a long time, and quite frankly, with no acts of appreciation for all she did for me! Yes it’s true I totally took her for granted and often treated her as a slave. It happens that way I guess as we get settled into our day-to-day schedules, first we gush at how blessed we are and then we stare moon-faced and silly grinned professing flattering optimism on how grand they have made life. Next we edge over into the contentment zone which drifts into the comfort zone and eventually it simply becomes an expectation.

There is the anatomy of someone primed and ready to wake up without (ing). When you suddenly wake up without ing here are some things you may notice:

You are having trouble sleeping, eating, resting, finding a position that is comforting, meeting,  – eeing, keeping anything in your stomach, smiling,  and any host of other ing’s you can think of.

So my dearest ING please forgive my obvious and atrocious acts of taking you for granted, please return to me A>S>A>P> and I will endeavor to never again stop staring at you silly grinned and will remain moon -facing you ever more!


Sadly Ingless



About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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5 Responses to Living Without (ing)

  1. Hang in There – I hope you find your ing soon! Take Care

  2. Paul Miller says:

    Things are going around; we’ve got kids with fevers and throwing up here too. And a dad with a bad cough.
    Sleep(ing) is a long gone friend of ours that we miss dearly.
    Nothing makes us more aware of our fragility than being sick, especially for us men because as we know, men always get more sick than women do! 😉

    • JT says:

      Your right about that Paul, and besides Women are not allowed to get sick because then who would take care of us? Hope you are well and stay well!

  3. logyexpress says:

    Clever, JT! Hope you get back to 100% soon! I need more relax(ing)!

  4. Mary says:


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