Wrong Place, Wrong Time!

  I sat there, not moving a muscle, the mosquito buzzing nearby was causing an irrational desire to swipe at it, as if that would somehow cause the pest to flee and leave me alone. The air was heavy around me the humidity so thick perspiration oozed out simply from the act of breathing. The foliage was dense here, thick with evergreen and maples and the scent of the forest permeated the atmosphere around me.

  Patiently I waited, watching, the snap of a twig off to my right rang out announcing the presence of something or someone some ten yards off. My heart beat in my chest wildly at the thought of being discovered here, where I had been warned not to venture, but my suspicions and curiosity had prevailed where logic had once persisted.

  Suddenly, the unmistakable sound of metal and spring whistled out of the heaviness and paralyzed with emotion I stopped breathing.  A droplet of perspiration began it’s gravity laden descent down the bridge of my nose and I began to wonder if I would still be here in another minute.

  Bang! The shot reverberated in my ears as my body flung itself to the ground in reflex to the suddenness of it all. I wanted desperately to search my body, the recent commotion though clutched at my emotions and the fear that I would soon be discovered.

  Let me know what thoughts this creative writing experiment painted in your mind.



About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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12 Responses to Wrong Place, Wrong Time!

  1. Renee says:

    My first thought of your post was hunting. Loving the creative writing experiment this morning.

  2. Mary says:

    Perspiration oozed out…… Ew. 🙂

    Confused…..is it hunting? That’s not what I was thinking it was.

  3. Robin says:

    I’ve been watching Lost, so I instantly thought you were shot by the Others. =D

  4. Paul Miller says:

    Did you stay up all night playing Modern Warfare again?

    • JT says:

      I have to admit I have heard of this I believe video game but that is all I can say about it 🙂 This is warfare though not of the type you might first assume.

  5. Okay, I envisioned a young boy having crept into the forbidden woods dealing with his trepidation at being caught doing a thing he was told not to do, but done purely for that reason. It felt like you were remember this childhood escapade.

    Beautifully written.

    • JT says:

      Hmm, truthfully I hadn’t considered the age as much, so far you have probably come the closest to where this is going though. Nicely done and Thank you.

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