Know Time, No Time

 It’s Friday for some it’s just another day, Thursday has passed and Saturday will continue a routine uninterrupted by days or dates. Others sigh out a gasp of hallelujah I made it to the weekend, shutting out the workaday world which ends at five o’clock and for the next forty-eight hours their time is their own. For some it is the first day of the rest of their life, both literally or figuratively. Still, for others it is the end, the passing from the seen to the unseen.

Sun Dial. Up on Market Harborough Church Tower

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  I wonder sometimes what it would be like in a world where there were no clocks and no calendars? How would that change us?  Imagine never being late for work or anything else for that matter! Think of all the words we could get rid of i.e. deadline,hurry,week, etc.


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  Everything you did would be at exactly the right moment, you would go to sleep and when you were done sleeping you would wake up, ( I can hear a lot of amen’s with that thought). You would eat when you were hungry and stop when you were full, hmmm, that one might be a problem. No more birthdays, or any holidays… we could just celebrate and 39 would just be the number after 38.

  Of course there would be the downsides too, no more saying, ok kids it’s time for bed, (I can see their blank stares and the raised eyebrows, inquiring, time…what is time?) Or telling the boss it is time for me to go home now, assuming of course you showed up in the first place. He would probably say “hey” no problem that project your working on doesn’t have a due date!

  No time like the present takes on a different meaning as well. I suppose it would be a lot easier to live in the present, as our sense of past or future would be altered considerably.

   So, can I meet you for lunch some….  well let’s get together next…. I have to talk to you because I can’t make it next ….

   Ok! Back to reality, thanks for reading the ramblings of a lunatic.

Clocks for Den

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Have a great weekend and see you next time!



About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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7 Responses to Know Time, No Time

  1. Paul Miller says:

    you run and you run to catch up with the sun
    but it’s sinking
    racing around to come up behind you again
    the sun is the same in a relative way
    but you’re older
    shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

  2. wildgrain says:

    I imagine in the early days and Frontier days it was a lot like you imagine. No clocks – everything was done acording to the sun – early morning chores and bed when it was too dark to see. Their chairs were usually stiff straight back chairs and not too comfortable. There are good/bad aspects to life then and now. .

  3. jennygoth says:

    time really races on when you get past forty lol but the best thing is make the most of everyday the reaper may be just round the corner lol xxjen

    • JT says:

      Hi Jenny, Thanks for the comments! I don’t fear the reaper and I’m ready to go home whenever my Lord calls , definitely want to live everyday with meaning and purpose…peace to you.

  4. The park where we walk the dogs borders on the local library. I always liked the small graffiti on one of the steps: “Time does not exist – only clocks exist.”

    • JT says:

      It does cause me to pause and contemplate the self imposed boxes we paint for ourselves. Thanks for reading and commenting! I really enjoy your Blog.

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