Food 4 Thought Food 4 Life…

I thought it was time to talk about this blog. Why did I start it, and why do I continue?

This is a place of multiplicity by design, meant to give voice to the many random thoughts and musings that appear without  any particular impetus on my part. Here is where I can go on a rant or ask hypothetical questions, I can be silly or I can be brash, and always I choose to be honest. That honesty affirms for others that the questions and trials and musings they have, are valid and resonate with other people, confirming that they are not alone in their thoughts or privately visiting the side of insanity.

  I will admit at first it started as an experiment, wondering if what I had to say, would indeed, resonate with anyone else. placing myself in this position of vulnerability and hoping people would participate with me in the experiment. The fear of failure is ever-present when trying something new, and pouring my heart out in print for anyone to see and cast a judgement on  is a new level of vulnerability for me.

  I have decided though to write, and to write for me, Perhaps that is a bit selfish but I find that I process things better externally, it seems easier to solidify my thoughts and take a situation and quantify it in the physical realm. Maybe, too, exposing it helps me to find points both for and against, not to mention, that input from others may shed light or help me to explore something from a perspective I hadn’t given any thought of.

Inevitably it is a journey together, obviously to write usually means at some point, whether intentioned or not, your likely to be read but if just being read is the end of the experiment, then in my estimation it would be a wasted conglomeration of thought and motion. Being read and understood, now that starts to stir the inner desire of the writer, to have the reader participate, the rise and fall of their emotions carried along like an autumn leaf on a gentle breeze just before a summer storm or tossed to and fro vehemently trapped in a runaway stagecoach, a black stallion with hellfire in it’s eyes,  barely still connected to the hitching  harness, the beasts breath coming out in intermittent blasts from flaring nostrils and the reader an un-suspecting rider through it all.

  In the process I hope we can explore things together and together we indeed will find food, not just wholesome and balanced nutrition that supports the incredible physical body, but also food that feeds our thoughts with positive and / or edifying fare providing a platform that enriches our lives. not just in the whimsical sense but in practical ways as well!



About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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