Disasters,Calamities,and Politics!

I was wondering if anyone has noticed the increase lately in natural and unnatural disasters? I guess I ask that tongue in cheek because frankly we would have to be living a pretty sheltered existence not to notice at least in part what appears to be an increase in activity.

Hurricanes, Tsunami’s, Tornadoes, Flooding, Earthquakes to name a few of the natural and Wars, rumors of wars, uprisings, diseases, famines and frustrations are some of the unnatural (man-made or at least induced).

Depending on which thought camp you find yourself will really say a lot about how you perceive the current climate. If you are in the Global warming camp then you may be looking around with an I told you so expression on your face, berating others that the need to hear this important message about being conscious of our environment and the damage we are doing to it, and that if we don’t get a clue pretty soon there will be no planet left!

If in the Global Consciousness group then perhaps you are watching it all unfold somewhat serenely acknowledging that this is all a necessary part of the ultimate cosmic shift in which all karma or what have you has to be made up for and this cosmic shift eventually will lead to an enlightened group who will pass into some kind alternative             enlightened universe where finally will have perfected perfection, (and please forgive me if I have the scenario mis-represented no ill will intended)

If in the Christian camp, this was all foretold in scripture and the end of the age as we know it, is beginning it’s final assault on planet earth. This will end in a cataclysmic war between the saints and the anti-Christ(Satan) with Jesus coming back and taking his rightful place as Lord and King! The creation of a new heaven and a new earth also figuring in these events at some point.

The politics between these groups, and coming from these groups, mingled in with countless other groups and variations and beliefs of the mainstream groups, is beyond our ability to formulate a concise and clear picture of who believes what and why, but more importantly how do we find our way and to what do we cling to, come the end of the day?

I have my beliefs and feel confident in them, of course when you speak to any number of people from varying backgrounds they will profess the same about their particular beliefs. Then there are those who will try to say that all these different ideologies and beliefs are all valid and they are all….right!

Really so there is no right or wrong…poppycock! From a purely historical perspective that truly is bunk, someone is right and someone is wrong but the society we live in today continues down this thought train that negates the need to be right and therefore is slowly but surely removing personal responsibility from various aspects of our existence!

Meanwhile, I look out into the world around me and from my vantage point I see a world that is not improving, in fact I see a world that is grasping in fact clutching, ever reaching, as we have grown more technologically advanced as we have moved ahead in supposedly solving more and more of our social issues, it appears that the more we do to “make things better” the more we still have to do “to make things better”.

I am not surprised and I am not worried which probably sounds a bit arrogant in light of the rest of this post! Perhaps it is a bit arrogant, however I have a firm belief in absolute truth and I have an even stronger belief that if we make it our mission to seek absolute truth it will be found. If we simply accept what other people say (and there are a lot of people who say a lot of things and they appear to be very knowledgeable and speak with great authority) without ever doing our own due diligence to ascertain whether not what they say is in fact true, then we will fall for anything.

If we are lazy, and we don’t feel that our eternal or even our temporal existence isn’t worth putting energy into to discern what truths are out there and are applicable to our lives….well I guess that would be the basis for a lot of beliefs but not much truth.

The single biggest calamity in my mind, is someone who ignores the need for truth, of which without, it is impossible to have a foundation to build your life on, at least one that endures!

It is, I think, a coward who lives their life and says what I do, does not matter, because in the end all I am is a pile of bones in the ground!



About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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