The Eve of Destruction!

Warning, impending doom is approaching! Stock up on essentials, make plans now to prepare yourself, your family and your home….Irene is on the way! Board up the windows, be sure you have a lifetime supply of flashlights and batteries, Milk and bread to get you through the foreseeable future, non perishables could be the key to your survival!

  Please above all else DON’T PANIC! I know the sky is falling and life as we now know it will probably cease to exist, however you will be fine as long as you have a years worth of water for each member of your family, candles and matches and the gas tank in your car is topped off. (I guess so you can sit in the car while it’s running and stare at the tree across the end of your driveway) Also please provide airline cable to tie down your animals so that they don’t become fur laden barrage balloons when they gotta Go! ( Unless of course they can use a litter box, in which case you may want to empty your grocer’s shelves of every last bag of litter…just in case!)

 For those of us that have been around for a while, it still amazes me how the media has the ability to whip the masses into an emotional frenzy! For those of us who are the hearty, self-sufficient New Englander‘s we also can take things to the extreme. IE (sheriff and his deputy with grim faces are knocking on a local residents door, the door opens and…)There is a ninety percent likelihood that a category 5 Hurricane will be hitting your house tomorrow…(They respond)”We have been here 35 years and no overblown puff the magic weather maker is gonna chase us off our property!”

 Let me say this, it is a tremendous blessing to have forewarning of impending storms and for all the times the meteorology department of your favorite station has been 100% wrong, it only takes a couple of times getting it right to save you from some significant misery or discomfort. That being said the obvious drive to gain market share by hyping the HELLo  out of weather events causes my eyeballs to burn (probably from staring at the TV screen for so long all the available moisture has been sucked off the surface of my eye!). I would love to know why sick and demented producer’s get so much joy in filling people with trepidation, fear and an insatiable need to fill every available shelf with non-perishables in their homes.

 I was hopeful some common sense remained in most of the people on this planet, but I have to say it is unlikely that many of those in the markets and Home Depot‘s are members of that particular club. Baskets filled to overflowing and often times it’s with food that will spoil if we lose power. Of course they are not worried about power because they have prepared for every eventuality they have generators and gasoline, sump pumps and enough batteries to light up Boston for an hour! I wonder what they will do if a tree falls on their house and all they manage to get out with is the clothes on their back?

  It is prudent to be prepared, and if you have the wherewithal to have a back-up generator…Good for You! The truth is you apply some common sense and then you play it by ear. It is impossible to prepare for every eventuality, Impossible!  I once again stand on my faith, faith is the opposite of fear, it’s really quite liberating! I am not some sadist looking for some kind of catastrophe and standing there in defiance saying “bring it on”! But rather I am at peace with a quiet assurance that no matter what happens, it is going to be ok. Nothing we see or experience in this world is going to shock God off the Throne! And if you don’t know God and don’t have that assurance, give Him a holler, He is always listening and He always hears when you call on his name. I’m not saying if you do that the storms won’t come, because they still will. But when we can look at things without fear …. well I find peace,

 Be safe and we’ll see you on the flip side,




About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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7 Responses to The Eve of Destruction!

  1. Awesome post JT! I loved this. I sooo agree with you about the frenzy that the media loves to create and stir. Now I am “safely” in Ohio where the most we’ll get is some rain and heav(ier) winds… but still. I must admit that it worked on me a little bit. I just ran out to the gas station to fill up after Suze Orman told NBC viewers this morning that gasoline will RISE SO HIGH that our country will go into recession again. Hello? I thought we were already IN one?!?! She said with 100% certainty that this hurricane is going to put the U.S. in the financial crapper. Again… thought we were there. Rinse and repeat. Anyway… maybe she meant to say that THIS time, the crapper is going to FLUSH. UGH. In short… loved this. Totally agree. Well done. Be safe. Play Yahtzee and eat Twinkies and Cheetos with your family when the lights go out.

    • JT says:

      Gee, do they still make Twinkies? I don’t know what causes more anxiety the media or the actual storm! Well I have to go tie my rowboat to the back porch so I can get down to the store for some milk and bread once the streets are impassable oh and I should probably pick up a bird while I’m out to send out and bring us back a twig so we’ll know the flood waters are receding 😀

  2. logyexpress says:

    I for one am kind of enjoying burrowing in the house with my husband and dog. The key downside of the storm is that the dog can only do his business outside. It’s been raining for hours and will continue to rain for hours and he doesn’t want to go out there. Hmmmm….

    My husband keeps saying he’s not impressed with the storm so far and I’m superstitious enough that I keep telling him to shut the hell up.

    But yeah, the media seem to be salivating over this.

    • JT says:

      Yes Logy, the hype one day is going to come back and bite us due to the fact when something really cataclysmic happens we will be so pessimistic we won’t respond appropriately to the warnings. I remember my Dog turning her nose up as soon as I opened the door if it was miserable out! It’s funny thinking about it now…she could go a whole day when it was raining w/o a pit stop and yet I could let her out at 10pm and by 6am she acted like her bladder was going to explode! Thanks for the comment and stay safe.

  3. Mary says:

    No… don’t sit in your running car and stare at the trees across the street. You sit in there so your kids can watch the car DVD player because they are going NUTS without the tv!!! 🙂

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