Perseverance = Stubborness + Love

I admire those I have been fortunate to meet who have this gift of perseverance.  This gift is not placed in us indiscriminately or at least I haven’t observed it that way.  Perhaps perseverance is a by-product of something else now that I think about it. It seems to be born either from passion or just stubbornness or maybe a combination of the two?

One area that perseverance comes in handy is parenting, in fact I think it probably grows in the mom at minimum the same rate as the developing baby!  Talk about perseverance, right off the bat feedings every 2 hours, couple that with sleep deprivation, places this kind of

The Olympic Flag flying in Victoria, British C...

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perseverance as an Olympic event! Throw into that mix diapering, burping and musical outfits and you can see why even the olympic committee must have realized it would be inhumane to expect those who haven’t had this training to compete at such extreme levels!

After making it through the first few months, Mom’s will occasionally come up for air just long enough to let others in her circle of influence know that she has not succumbed to the temptation of substance abuse as a method of pickled perseverance, and taking an extra box of pull-ups down with her, she heads to never – never pottie training land. Now she begins to question whether or not it was the best idea to enter the pole vault of perseverance but seeing that all the eyes of the judges are upon her, to renege at this juncture is out of the question! Bring on the tantrums the crowds are taunting and the wild-eyes  of the terrible 2-year-old is enough to cause most of the onlookers to beat a hasty retreat, ahh but not Mom the purveyor of perseverance, bring it on she growls as she whips out the time-out timer!

Finally, the toileting event nearly complete, an exhausted yet triumphant mom wills herself to her feet and sighs, a half-smile creeps on to her lips just before being contorted with a grimace, as the aliens of immunizations rear their needle bearing heads with MMR, and every disease known to man begins to assail the object of her protective embrace. The Google toolbar becomes her latest weapon of choice as she jousts her way through the medical advice minefields and the mountains of legalese side effects almost overwhelms her but…. you guessed it, she perseveres!

Looking back at the mind numbing obstacle course  she has been navigating, a new appreciation for God’s grace begins to take root, when suddenly the whistle blows and she enters the next event, albeit not quite as enthusiastic as she once was, for now, now she must swim the seas of scholastic mind/mine fields!  Perseverance now an integral part of her, she doesn’t even reflect on where she has been, nor is she intimidated at the road ahead but instead begins to look for ways to pass this gift of perseverance on in preparation for this child’s journey into adulthood!

Oh you may laugh if you want, but the next time you hear someone boasting of how they persevered through this trial or that insurmountable situation I hope you will reflect on just how much perseverance went into getting you out of diapers or over the humps of history homework!

I dedicate this post to the patriots of perseverance everywhere! Moms we had no idea we had an Olympian in our corner and you deserve the Gold everyday!

Nancy Johnson with her Olympic gold medal

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Thank your Mom or the Mother of your children today and let her know she is a gold medalist in your Olympic Games!



About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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2 Responses to Perseverance = Stubborness + Love

  1. My mom deserves the gold for putting up with me. And my sister because she has 7… yes… SEVEN children that she is raising with the patience of a saint. I will pass this on. Thank you!

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