“Might as Well Face it I’m Addicted to _ _ _ _”

How do you know when your addicted?My family has made it known to me that I have a problem, actually most people I know have begun to hint in subtle ways that perhaps I may need some professional intervention. I really don’t see the problem, perhaps the glare from my laptop has caused a deficiency in my peripheral vision. I was certain the hand signals and gestures were intended for someone else.

In the darkened room the iridescent glow from the computer screen casts a blue-grey hue on the walls gently fading to blackness, the house is still, apart from the vibrations of the refrigerator compressor, the gentle hum of the cooling fan attempting to disperse the heat created by the cpu(central processing unit) and the irregular clacking of the keys of the keyboard first furiously then halting and returning to a rhythm us if some imaginary deadline had to be met. A woman’s voice calls from somewhere, out beyond the focus, at first unable to penetrate the synapses of brain wave activity. Again the voice and it’s repetitiveness, now beginning to break through the force field, finally louder and more insistent it passes through and intercepts my consciousness. “Are you coming to bed sometime tonight, she asks?” “Yes I respond impatiently”, slightly annoyed at the interruption of the voluminous thoughts coursing through me to the digital page. “See, You are Addicted” she mumbles as she turns to climb the stairs.

Addicted ! Ha, I can stop anytime I want to…I just don’t want to right now. “I have to finish this post” I speak out pensively, Guilt trying desperately to find footing on the slippery slopes of justification, fails and slides off as I reason that this is my creative outlet. Hopeful that comments from my subscribers and readers by association, will validate that I have something worth offering Something that may somehow bring humor or a different point of view! Even perhaps on occasion some worth while wisdom that enlightens a desperately seeking soul.

Surely I do not have a problem, these callused  fingertips are, I’m sure normal from all the hard work I have been doing driving around all day, and the eye strain, look I’m getting older and that is a completely natural part of getting older. Granted the thirteen e-mails I haven’t responded to are valid needs and I will return them …soon.

Yes I know I should have my hearing checked because obviously there must be excessive wax build-up, it is the only logical conclusion to not hearing anyone speaking to me until at least the third attempt!(not sure why it’s only while I’m on the computer) People who are addicted are so easy to pick out! They are the ones who are always on the computer, so see I am not always on the computer, I have a life and responsibilities, yes I do spend some time on there but just yesterday …remember I came out and had supper with you, is it my fault it only takes six minutes to eat! We spent the evening watching TV together, remember? Well yes I did have the computer in my lap but hey there are so many commercials and I just figured you know why waste that time staring at products I’m not going to buy anyway, besides that program provided some new inspiration for a great topic idea!  Me, addicted, no no, you must be thinking of someone else!


About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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11 Responses to “Might as Well Face it I’m Addicted to _ _ _ _”

  1. Ahh… this is something I can SO relate to!! I’m not addicted! And yet… I am. I am shamelessly and embarrassingly obsessed and I, personally, am struggling to find some balance in this whole world. I want to check the stats and the comments and subscriptions to see if I am connecting with people. I am fearful that I will begin classifying my days as “good” or “bad” depending on what the numbers were. AGH!!! I know it isn’t good. But it IS good to know I’m not alone! BTW… Happy Birthday!

    • JT says:

      I will stand proudly with my tail between my legs, Perhaps a twelve step program will be developed for us 🙂
      And thank you for reading and commenting it is indeed affirming to know we are not alone! And thanks for the birthday wishes too 🙂

      • You’re welcome JT. I hope you had a great b/day. Your post inspired me to write something that I will finish and post on Monday. I got to thinking about that whole “classying our days” by the numbers and how much we go that with all kinds of numbers. Thanks for the inspiration!

      • JT says:

        Glad I was able to take part in your inspiration! I will look forward to reading 🙂

  2. Mary says:

    BEST BLOG YET!!! 🙂

    Yes you do have something worth sharing and can bring humor or a different point of view…..but the people who deserve to hear that humor first and those points of views first, are our family and REAL life friends. Creative outlets are great…..I remember a time in the past when I actually had some too. Not saying we should always give up creative outlets but our most important creative works need to again, be our families. A bunch of random people and mostly strangers applauding our posts can be a great ego boost or give us a great feeling, but so much better are those feelings of when our child wraps their arms around our necks and tells us how much they love us because we played a game with them. Also hearing the laughing shared from a funny movie is much better then the tick, tick, tick of computer keys. Sure there are a lot of commericials for a bunch of junk we aren’t going to buy. During those times are when you run to pop some popcorn or chat about what you’re watching. Sharing with each other, rather than people whom we may never even meet. The virtual pat on the back for a great post or clicking the “like” button on a facebook status will in no way take away the heartbreaking feeling of missing out on our kids childhood. An “LOL” under our status doesn’t replace our childs laughter. A smiley-face emoticon doesn’t replace our child’s real smile and the little winky emoticon certainly doesn’t replace a real flirty one given between two spouses when the kids aren’t looking.

    As with all addictions, other people are hurt through them. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, food or yes, even the computer. All things in moderation they say. Well, maybe with the exception of the drugs. Even a little bit of cocaine is a bad thing. Other than that, life is short. We only have but a whisp of time here on earth with the ones we love. I have learned all too well from personal experience and from having friends who have gone through it. We don’t know when someone will be taken from us, or when we will be taken from someone else’s life. When my kids are grown, I want to hear them say, “Remember when WE……” I want to be a part of peoples memories, not the lump in the computer chair while they are making their own. I can speak from experience in this catergory as I too was once a puter addict. People around me suffered from it. I vow to NEVER go back to that. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my family. My computer is just a tool for information and fun. Not my obsession. An………..outlet shall we say.

    Again…..great blog.

  3. wildgrain says:

    You are a great ‘Communicator’ and express things so well. I love the wit you sprinkle in as well as your images. 🙂
    I’ve always felt my husband was ‘addicted’ to computer but lately I’m getting the same. Thanks for your descriptive ways of expressing addiction. — or is it our Hobby?

    • JT says:

      Well, thank you Win, although I appreciate the kind words, If there is anything good or worthy of praise then join with me and thank Jesus the provider of all good things! I admit this is a new found joy and one I hope to grow with in the future. Right now I want to explore and develop friendships that may lead to lives being changed in ways that can be measured for eternities sake, as well as possibly being involved in a biblical approach to nutrition and seeing people healed. Thank you for the encouragement, I look forward to growing together!

    • why is OK for THEM but not for us?!?! When it comes to computer addiction. The accuser is usually an addict themselves… that’s my theory anyway 😉

  4. wildgrain says:

    Amen. It sounds like we have the same goals and desires! The H.S. will be our guide. 🙂

  5. 4HisGlory says:

    I enjoy reading your posts everyday so I guess I must be addicted too… LOL Great writing John.

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