Your life, or a Bacon Cheeseburger!

I want some help, would you be willing. I will be posting extensively on our health and could really use your input! Please take this poll, it only takes a few seconds.



About JT

I am a happily married man with 6 children and have an autoimmune disease. I hope to share my story and explore others' stories and perhaps together both of our lives will be enhanced.
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4 Responses to Your life, or a Bacon Cheeseburger!

  1. witlai says:

    I choose the second:)

    • JT says:

      I’m sorry Witlai, The questions appear randomly so when you say I choose the second I am not sure which question you are referring to. I am Interested to know though, so please feel free to tell me in detail your thoughts

  2. April says:


    Just so you know. I do read, but I don’t often comment because of time constraints. I am assuming that the cheeseburger that you are referring to is one from a fast food joint. We don’t eat burgers much, but when we grill at home (which is MUCH healthier than McD’s or whatever) we do add cheese.

    I’m curious to read your next post to see what you have to say about it. 🙂

    • JT says:

      Hi April,
      Thank you for letting me know your reading and your interest. As far as a post regarding the cheeseburgers it may take a while. I do have a lot to say but I will admit I bounce around a lot because I do not want to cater exclusively to those interested in health and nutrition. I want the attention of the folks who don’t think about it much. I will say that after much research I have made some lifestyle changes that, to some, may seem extreme. I am not a traditional advocate for vegetarianism or becoming a vegan. But rather a more balanced biblical approach to nutrition. I was diagnosed with an incurable auto-immune disease in 2007, I no longer have any symptoms of that disease and this was without any medical intervention….but that’s a story for another day. Thank you again and I look forward to our conversations! JT

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